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Washington, May 24, 2020 – While in Italy the pandemic curve is falling, contagions continue to increase in United States, where coronavirus deaths in the past 24 hours were 1,127. Over a million and a half the total, while the dead are more than 97 thousand. The pandemic now appears to be heading south, with theLatin America marked by over 700,000 infections and 38,500 deaths, and Brazil in the forefront. The contagions in the world exceeded 5.3 million, with more than 342 thousand deaths: these are the updated data of Johns Hopkins University. Cases also increase in Africa, while the China announces zero new infected for the first time. L’Europe breaks through the ceiling of 2 million out of 5.3 million globally.
Returning to the United States, the Washington Post accuses Trump of having favored the spread of the virus by giving confused information on the closure of links with Europe, which would have led many Americans to a precipitous and uncontrolled departure. The New York Times publishes the names of a thousand victims on the front page.
In many countries mosques reopen for the end of Ramadan.



Two Missouri hairdressers who went to work regularly despite presenting with Covid-19 symptoms have potentially exposed to coronavirus 140 customers: the state health authorities have made it known, according to CNN reports.

The two hairdressers, both from the Great Clips unisex salon chain, went to work for at least eight days. The Springfield-Greene health department announced yesterday that one of the two tested positive for coronavirus and may have exposed 56 clients. On Friday, the department announced that the other hairdresser in the same salon had tested positive for the swab and could have infected 84 customers. The authorities did not disclose what the symptoms of the two hairdressers were when they tested positive for tampons. On the mobility front, Trump is studying travel restrictions from Brazil. Meanwhile, in the US, there is a boom in pandemic-related causes, especially inmates are making recourse.

Use: pool party becomes new hotbed

A pool party become a new cluster of coronaviruses in the United States. Some high school students attended a party in Arkansas and they contracted the virus. “Everyone thought it would be harmless. They are young people, they were swimming and the outcome was positive,” says Arkansas governor Asa Hutchinson, raising the alarm about a new leap in cases in the state with the gradual reopening activities.

Baptist Mass: 107 infected

At least 107 people tested positive after attending a religious service in a Baptist church in Frankfurt am Main, the Land Ministry of Health reported today. The faithful are residents of Frankfurt and three other districts of Hesse, said Minister Kai Klose.


Record deaths in one day in Russia: 153, a number never so high since the beginning of the epidemic. Today, however, there is also the lowest figure of new infections in a day since May 1, 8,699. The total number of infections rose to 344,481 with a growth rate of 2.6% compared to 2.9% on Saturday. There were 2,516 new cases in Moscow, with a total of 163,913 for the capital. There are 3,541 deaths nationwide, 113,300 people are considered cured. Many observers believe that the data of the victims in Russia is underestimated, but Moscow rejects these accusations.


Today in Turkey seniors over 65 can enjoy 6 “hours of air” between 14 and 20, after observing a ban on exiting imposed under the measures to contain the spread of Coronavirus in the country.

The investigation into the origin of the virus

China Calls for Investigations to Identify Coronavirus Origin to Be Conducted “professional, fair and constructive“Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi said so. He stressed the World Health Organization’s” vital contribution “to the fight against Covid-19. Those who followed WHO warnings, Wang said reported the virus under control, those who ignored them paid the choice “at a high price”.

China is “open” to international efforts and cooperation, assures Wang, who then criticized the efforts of US politicians to “create rumors” about the origin of the coronavirus and “stigmatize China”.

Wuhan’s laboratory

For its part, the Wuhan laboratory, at the center of US suspects, rejects the accusations against him as “pure invention”, claims that it is working on three strains of coronavirus coming from bats, but none of these would be the virus known as Sars -CoV-2. “Our institute received the first clinical sample of unknown pneumonia on December 30 last year,” said the director of the Wuhan Institute of Virology, Wang Yanyi – After we checked the pathogen within the sample, we discovered that it contained a new coronavirus, which is now called Sars-Cov-2. We were not aware of, nor have we ever encountered, researched or kept the virus. In fact, like everyone else, we didn’t even know it existed. How could he have left our laboratory when we never had it? “Continued the immunologist.
In years of research with Shi Zhengli, the virologist who studied coronaviruses from bats, often referred to as carriers of the new coronavirus, continued the director of the Wuhan laboratory, “We have isolated and obtained some coronaviruses from bats. We now have three strains. one of them has the highest similarity, 96%, with the Sars virus, but the highest similarity with the Sars-Cov-2 reaches only 79.8% “.


In Belgium, the rate of new positives at Covid-19 on the average of the last week has gone up again, after 282 new cases were recorded yesterday which bring the total for the country to 57.092. In the past 24 hours, 42 deaths have been reported, for a total of 9,280 confirmed or suspected Covid-19 deaths since the outbreak. However, the situation in hospitals continues to improve. Yesterday 48 people were hospitalized, while 117 patients were discharged. Currently 1,324 people are still hospitalized (-64 in the last 24 hours), including 256 in intensive care (-3).


India has recorded 6,767 coronavirus cases in the last 24 hours after 6,654 in the previous 24 hours: this is the strongest daily increase ever since the start of the Pandemic in the country. The Ministry of Health has made it known today, according to CNN reports. The new infections bring the total to 131,868: so far 3,867 people in the country have died from the disease.

The live map of the infection

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