Coronavirus in the world: the news in real time (26 May)


I’m 5495061 people infected with Coronavirus around the world, 346232 the dead. The United States remains the country most affected with 1662302 cases e 98220 victims, follow Brazil (374898) and Russia (353427). The UK is the second most affected country in terms of deaths, after the United States, with 36,996 victims, followed by Italy with 32,877 deaths, according to data from Johns Hopkins University.


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In the last 24 hours in the US 532 people have died from Coronavirus, a decrease compared to the previous days, yesterday a thousand victims had been registered. The total number of deaths in the country rises to 98,218, 1,662,302 infections.

Latin America

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In Latin America, the infections exceeded 765 thousand, more than 41 thousand died. According to WHO, South America is the new epicenter of the epidemic. In the last 24 hours the new cases have been 31 thousand, 1,600 dead, according to data processed by the news agency Handle.


Brazil remains the most affected country, followed by Peru (123,979 and 3,626) and Chile (73,997 and 761). In the last 24 hours in Brazil 807 victims and 11,687 new infections have been recorded, the total death toll rises to 23,473, while the cases are 374,898. In Sao Paulo, the governor has decided to extend the lockdown beyond the scheduled June 1st date. “We will have a new quarantine, but with an intelligent and not homogeneous shape like now,” said Joao Doria

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