Coronavirus in the world, the emergency moves to South America


While the pandemic curve is decreasing in Italy, infections in the United States continue to increase, where there have been 1,127 deaths from coronaviruses in the last 24 hours. Over a million and a half the total, while the dead are more than 97 thousand. The pandemic now appears to be heading south, with Latin America marked by over 700,000 infections and 38,500 deaths, and Brazil in the forefront. Cases are also increasing in Africa, while China announces zero new infected for the first time. Europe breaks through the ceiling of 2 million out of 5.2 million infections globally. Returning to the United States, the Washington Post accuses Trump of having favored the spread of the virus by giving confused information on the closure of links with Europe, which would have led many Americans to a precipitous and uncontrolled departure. The New York Times publishes the names of a thousand victims on the front page. In many countries mosques reopen for the end of Ramadan.

Use, fear for 2 infected hairdressers. Two Missouri hairdressers who went to work regularly despite presenting with the symptoms of Covid-19 potentially exposed 140 clients to coronavirus: state health authorities reported, according to CNN reports. The two hairdressers, both from the Great Clips unisex salon chain, went to work for at least eight days. The Springfield-Greene health department announced yesterday that one of the two tested positive for coronavirus and may have exposed 56 clients. On Friday, the department announced that the other hairdresser in the same salon had tested positive for the swab and could have infected 84 customers. The authorities did not disclose what the symptoms of the two hairdressers were when they tested positive for tampons.

India. India has recorded 6,767 coronavirus cases in the past 24 hours after 6,654 in the previous 24 hours: this is the strongest daily increase ever since the start of the Pandemic in the country. The Ministry of Health has made it known today, according to CNN reports. The new infections bring the total to 131,868: so far 3,867 people in the country have died from the disease

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