Coronavirus in the world: infections, updates and all the news on the situation


The number of coronavirus cases has doubled in the world in a month, rising to over five million (5,109,296) and 332,800 deaths, according to data collected by AFP. There has been an acceleration in Latin America, in particular in Brazil which has exceeded 20,000 deaths with a record increase of 1,188 deaths in 24 hours. In Argentina, the reported cases went up to 648 in the past 24 hours, more than double the daily reports of two weeks ago. In Chile, coronavirus deaths have risen 29% in the past 24 hours. Europe remains the most affected continent with almost 2 million cases and over 170,000 deaths. The United States is the country with the highest number of deaths (94,729) and cases (1.57 million). The United Kingdom follows with 36,042 deaths, Italy (32,616), France (28,215) and Spain (28,628).

WHO, South America is the “new epicenter” of the pandemic

For the World Health Organization. “South America has become a new epicenter of the disease. There is concern for several of those countries but clearly the most affected is Brazil” which has about 310,087 thousand confirmed cases, with more than 20 thousand dead, “and the majority of cases around São Paulo, “said WHO emergency officer Michael Ryan. In particular, the conditions of the indigenous people of the Amazon are concerned in the country that in the last 24 hours has recorded 1,188 deaths and where the official death toll has doubled in 12 days: on May 9 there were 10,000 deaths in the South American country. The Ministry of Health of Brazil has recommended the use of hydroxychloroquine for the treatment of less severe cases of Covid-19 but the expert of theWHO urged caution, recalling that there is still no definitive data on the effectiveness of this therapy.

Africa exceeds 100 thousand cases

There are 100,666 cases of contagion on the continent. The health department of the African Union says so. There are 3,105 deaths and almost 40 thousand recoveries. The North is the region most affected by Covid. It was here in Egypt that the first case occurred in mid-February. Under the Sahara, South Africa is the state with the highest number of infections, concentrated mainly in the city of Cape Town.

India, record increase in daily cases

India has recorded 5,000 new cases of coronavirus, the largest daily increase since the pandemic began to spread. It happened just when New Delhi started to ease the national lockdown and to promote some domestic flights. To date, the country has a total of 118,000 cases, an increase of 5% over the previous day, and 3,853 deaths. Although the lockdown that began on March 25 has been extended until May 31 by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the rules have been relaxed in the areas with the least contagions. And the governors of individual states can give different indications on the matter.

Brazil, over 20 thousand dead

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