Coronavirus in the world, in Brazil 26 thousand infections in one day. Use, alarm in California


Brazil, the pits dug at the San Paolo cemetery (Ansa)
Rome, May 29, 2020 – The United States is still tight in the grip of Coronavirus. And in South America the situation remains very difficult. Shoot againCalifornia alarm where there was the highest daily number of new cases of contagion, well 2,617 in 24 hours. Others have been registered in the US 1,297 victims, bringing the toll to 101,573 dead.

Meanwhile theWHO warns that Covid-19 “is not gone” and with the relaxation of restrictions we must prepare for the arrival “of new waves that will spread very quickly. “During the BBC Radio’s 4 Today program, in fact, the World Health Organization special envoy, David Navarro, explained that, in view of the relaxation of the restrictions, it will be necessary to continue to observe the most Physical spacing possible and isolation immediately in case of infection because Coronavirus “is not gone”.

Latin America

Across Latin America there are 878,000 infections, with 46,600 deaths. I’m 26,417 the new cases recorded in the last 24 hours in Brazil, or the highest number in a single day in the country since the outbreak of the pandemic. The Brazilian Ministry of Health reports, thus updating the total to 438,238. Brazil is the second most affected country in the world by number of infections from Covid-19 after the United States. Instead, 26,754 people have lost their lives, thus placing the country in sixth place in the world, according to data from Johns Hopkins University.


Russia has registered 232 dead for complications related to Covid-19 in the last 24 hours, thus marking the record in deaths in a day with an increase of 30% compared to the highest figure of 26 May (174 victims). The total number of victims therefore rises to 4,374. I am instead 8,572 new cases, including 3,380 asymptomatic. The Sputnik press agency reports that the total infections are 387,623. The epicenter of the pandemic in Russia is confirmed as Moscow, with 175,829 infected and 2,330 dead. 76 people have died in the capital in the past 24 hours.

South Korea

South Korea reaffirms the alert phase on new infections announcing another 58 today, albeit down from 79 yesterday, connected to the outbreak of a distribution center for the e-commerce company Coupang in Bucheon, near Seoul. The capital’s great metro returned to social distancing until June 14. According to the Korea Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the cases of domestic transmission are 55 and 3 those imported. The total infections are 11,402, the deaths 269 and the recovered 10,363.

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