Coronavirus, in Settimo the mayor makes masks mandatory even outdoors – La Stampa


TORINO. “It is essential to minimize the risk of contagion and many behaviors we have witnessed in recent days are dangerous. We are not “all free” and the lightness with which someone breaks the rules of social distancing represents a risk for everyone “. The mayor of Settimo Torinese, Elena Piastra, is worried. And he decided to extend the obligation to wear masks even outdoors. It becomes mandatory to wear them correctly (ie covering one’s nose and mouth) near the entrances of places accessible to the public (shops, offices, markets, etc.) and wherever the interpersonal distance of two meters is not respected.

The rules in force
Mandatory mask, therefore for those who are waiting to enter an exercise but also, for example, for those who will meet other people in the square approaching them more than 2 meters. The obligation also applies to private places open to the public. The general rule is that you must wear the mask wherever you have contact less than two meters with people who are not living together. The goal is to decrease the risk of contagion, especially in contexts that have proved more problematic in recent days, with gatherings of people risky for safety.

Who is exempted
Persons who are carrying out sporting activities, children under 6 years of age, persons with disabilities or pathologies incompatible with the use of the mask and users of bars and administration activities found in dehors and outdoor spaces of the premises.

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