Coronavirus, in Puglia there are 10 new positives, all in Foggia: zero infections in the other provinces


According to the data of the Puglia Region on coronavirus, 10 new positives (all from the province of Foggia) and 2,626 swabs, registered in the bulletin of May 27 (0.38%, always relating the new cases to the total swabs in which they are also included, are also included. control ones).Total recoveries reach 2,471 (another 35 more than yesterday), while 1 new death (in the province of Brindisi), brings the sum of the victims to 495. With these figures the currently positive (total cases less cured and deceased) fall at 1,513 compared to 1,539 yesterday. Total hospitalizations, always downhill, reach 187.

And on the cases all in the province of Foggia, a clarification arrives. After identifying an outbreak from a family of 5 tested positive for coronavirus on May 24, according to the director of the ASL of Foggia Vito Piazzolla, 83 people who were in isolation were subjected to health surveillance.


Foggia, the whole infected family: there are 5 positives

At the moment, 9 other people were positive. Among the positives in the context of this outbreak, 3 needed hospitalization. The rest are in home quarantine and their health is good.

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