Coronavirus in Puglia, no deaths. Lopalco: “The 7 positives indicated today refer to the past few days”


No new deaths for the fourth time in May. According to the data of the Puglia Region on coronavirus there are 8 (7 in the province of Bari referable to a single family unit and 1 resident outside the region) the new positives and 2,177 the swabs carried out, recorded in the bulletin of 30 May (a ratio equal to 0, 37%, but always by comparing the new cases to the total swabs which also include the control swabs which in the last few days have been about half). New cases, but with a difference compared to the past few days.”Although perhaps the numbers are not very clear on 28 and 29 May no new cases have been reported and this is news. Very often the cases we report refer to swabs taken several days before.” He said it Pier Luigi Lopalco, responsible for the epidemiological coordination of the Puglia region, on the occasion of a meeting promoted by the University of Foggia. And also the report of the Lecce Local Health Authority of May 29, edited by the director of the epidemiology and statistics unit Fabrizio Quarta, states: “From May 15 to today all the cases registered, 7 in total, refer to workers who have contracted the infection out of the province and which, put in isolation in the municipalities of residence, have not led to any new manifestation of infection in the cohabitants. It is therefore possible to say that in the territory of the province of Lecce (where there are currently only 24 positive, ed) no citizen has contracted Covid-19 for a contagion cycle (14 days) “. Total healers still rise, reaching 2768 in total (+69 compared to yesterday). The sum of the victims, without new deaths, instead remains at 500. The currently positive (total cases less cured and deceased) thus fall to 1,222 compared to 1,283 on Friday 29 May. Total inpatients, always downhill, reach 162.

Updates from the Ministry of Health and the Higher Institute of Health also arrive on the week of May 18-24, including the Rt index, the transmissibility rate of the virus which must remain constantly below 1. Puglia’s RT is 0.62, very similar to 0.56 last week and defined as under control. It is worth pointing out that with a few recorded cases, the ISS specifies, the sensitivity of this index increases and even an Rt greater than 1 may not be alarming because it is simply linked to individuals and even small outbreaks. The Apulian 0.62, moreover, is the median value of a confidence interval that goes from 0.45 to 0.82.”From a popular point of view, the famous ‘Rt equal to 1’ has become a mantra, perhaps even excessive – said the president of the ISS, Silvio Brusaferro, in a hearing at the Chamber Budget Committee – because in reality a small deviation is interpreted as a drama, report cards are given “.

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