Coronavirus, in Puglia 5 new cases on almost 2,500 swabs: one is 13 years old asymptomatic


Few new cases and slow deaths. According to the data of the Puglia Region on coronavirus, 5 new positives and 2,447 swabs carried out, recorded in the bulletin of May 28 (a ratio equal to 0.20%, but always comparing the new cases to the total swabs in which they are also included control). Total recoveries continue to grow, reaching 2,590 (+119 more than yesterday). With 1 new death, in the province of Brindisi, the sum of the victims reaches 496.The currently positive (total cases less cured and deceased) thus fall to 1,395 compared to 1,513 yesterday. Total inpatients, always downhill, reach 180.

The geographical distribution sees 2 of the new cases from the province of Lecce, and one for Brindisi, Foggia and Taranto. One case in Bari and two in the Bat, counted in recent days, have been deleted from the regional database. The last case in Tarantino, the province least affected in Puglia in the case / population ratio, concerns the Municipality of Crispiano.


Coronavirus, 13 year old positive in Tarantino: it is asymptomatic. “This is not the time to let your guard down”

From the report released by the local ASL, updated on 26 May (by Minerba, Mincuzzi, Leogrande, Siciliani and therefore does not consider today’s new positive), only 57 are currently positive compared to 280 total cases since the start of the pandemic. Of these, 50 are in home isolation and 7 are hospitalized. And among them 5 are in “severe” conditions and 2 in “critical” conditions; all the others are asymptomatic, paucisymptomatic or in a “mild” clinical state. Taranto cities (93 cases) and Castellaneta (31) followed by Palagiano and Martina Franca (13) were the cities with the most recorded cases.

But today, as clearly visible from the interactive map created by Professor Andrea Ventura of the University of Salento, no Municipality exceeds the 1-5 cases as currently positive, except for the provincial capital (21-50 range). The total deaths in the Ionian land were 31.

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