Coronavirus, in Puglia 27 new positives and 4 deaths. Lopalco: “Only apparent rise, outbreaks still under control”


More positive than usual, but the figure is related to alignments in the databases. According to the data of the Puglia Region on coronavirus, 27 new positives have been registered and 2,113 the swabs made in the bulletin of May 22nd. But the epidemiological manager of the regional task force, Pier Luigi Lopalco, explains the apparent increase: “Six cases out of the 27 registered today by the epidemiological bulletin refer to procedures for realigning the archives and are therefore dated to cases diagnosed in the previous months and referred to outbreaks already under control. The remaining 21 are to be distributed in the last 10 days, in particular: 12 were diagnosed yesterday and 3 today. This confirms that from 10 May until yesterday the number of positive cases it has remained constant, with small variations, around the value of 10 daily cases “.There are 4 new deaths (1 in the province of Bari, 1 in the province of Bat, 2 in the province of Brindisi): the total number of victims rises to 482. The recovered still rise to 2,120 (+24 compared to yesterday). With these figures the currently positive (total cases less cured and deceased) drop by one unit, up to 1,838. Total inpatients increased from 256 to 250.

Out of 27 new cases 13 are from the province of Bari, 7 from Brindisi, 3 from Foggia, 2 from Lecce and Taranto and none in the Bat. In addition, a positive already registered in recent days but without provincial assignment was attributed to Bari.Meanwhile, weekly updates are also coming from the Higher Institute of Health, especially on RT, the index that measures transmissibility and must remain constantly below 1. “The more we go towards a limited number of cases – explained the president, Silvio Brusaferro – the more sensitive the systems will be to intercept the phenomena early. Few reported cases allow to quickly intercept any new ones”. Puglia’s RT is 0.56 (median between confidence intervals ranging from 0.39 to 0.75), even lower than the 0.72 reported last week. The estimate refers to the reproductions of infections contracted in the first days of the month and manifested until May 19 (the ISS specifies that the data after May 3 are still to be considered incomplete). “Rt is not a report card – added Brusaferro – but a dynamic tool to be read together with the other indicators”. At the minimum level (“Low”) also the weekly incidence of new cases and the assessment of the increase in transmission and current impact in the assistance services (two other indices of the ISS report).

Instead, on the incidence of deaths in our region, it is useful to observe the detail coming from the report “Analysis of mortality in the period of epidemic from Covid-19” prepared by INPS. The institute compared the data on deaths (not only for covid, but all-inclusive) in 2020 with those of a baseline “determined as the average of the daily deaths that occurred in the years 2015-2019 weighted with the resident population”. In the figure that highlights the “percentage of provincial deaths detected in the period 01.03.2020 – 30.04.2020 compared to the baseline” it emerges that Bat, Taranto and Lecce have an almost zero increase (they are in the 0-10% more range), Bari and Brindisi recorded an increase from 10 to 20% and Foggia from 20 to 30% more. “The regions bordering the Adriatic Sea show modest but significant increases. – INPS writes – In southern Italy, Puglia, which was the region affected by the greatest returns from the north on the eve of the exit of the Dpcm of 9 March, it is the one that shows a greater increase in mortality “.

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