Coronavirus, in Lombardy today 34 dead after yesterday’s “zero deaths”


34 people in Lombardy have lost their lives in the past 24 hours due to coronavirus. Altogether the deaths are 15,874. No deaths were reported yesterday, something that had never happened since the start of the pandemic. So much so that a calculation error was assumed. Error definitively denied today: actually yesterday there were no deaths. The new positives are 148 but the swabs processed are much less than in recent days. Today only 5,641. Continue to decrease the number of patients hospitalized. There are 196 in intensive care, one less than yesterday. On the other hand, there are 296 fewer (3,721 total) Covid-19 positive patients hospitalized in other wards.All pandemic charts and maps (updated daily)

The new cases of coronavirus in the province of Milan are 46, of these, 27 concern people residing in the capital. The greatest increase in new infections is recorded today in the province of Bergamo with 48 cases. Increase of 21 units in the province of Monza and Brianza and 10 in Sondrio. Como has 3 more exactly like Brescia, Cremona 5, Lecco 4, Lodi 3, Pavia 4 and Varese 5. No new cases in Mantua.

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