Coronavirus in Lombardy: after 16,000 deaths, hospitalizations and Rt index return to growth


Milan, 29 May 2020 – I am 38 coronavirus deaths make sure today Lombardy, up from 20 yesterday. The total since the beginning of the epidemic rises to 16,012. Slight decline instead as regards the infections: 354 compared to yesterday’s 382. But they return to increase hospitalizations, + 82 which protect the total number of hospitalized people in the region at 3,552, to which are added e 173 people in intensive care, given unchanged from yesterday. Among the other data provided by the Pirellone, the healed rise by 546 units, to 49,842, and glcurrently positive they drop from 230 to 22,683. THE swabs 14.078 were made, the percentage of positives on the swabs was 2.5%. It is also growing in Lombardy the index Rt, or the potential transmission of the disease, passed to 0.75 from 0.51 last week. A figure that still remains below the threshold from the alert of 1. The update region by region was known by the Ministry of Health and the Higher Institute of Health.

Coronavirus Lombardy

Provincial data

The trend of contagion from Covid-19 in the province of Brescia registers 71 new cases today (yesterday 90), second, by numbers, only to that of Milan, which presents 74. Lower numbers for the province of Bergamo with 58 cases today (69 yesterday). As for the other Lombard provinces, new cases of coronavirus a Como I’m 14 (yesterday 31), a Cremona 13 (yesterday 13), a Lecco only one case (yesterday 5), a Lodi 11 (yesterday 13), a Mantova 9 (yesterday 2), a Monza Brianza 30 (yesterday 14), a Pavia 32 (yesterday 9), a Sondrio 5 (yesterday 23), a Varese 41 (yesterday 12).

Coronavirus Lombardy

New regional ordinance

From gyms, swimming pools, cultural and recreational clubs will reopen on Monday 1 June in Lombardy. The expected new ordinance upon the signature of the President of the Region, Attilio Fontana. Green light also for access to theme and amusement parks, as well as in the wildlife parks. Stay though the obligation to bring the mask or other clothing useful to cover the respiratory tract even outdoors, as well as the temperature measurement for the employer and employees and the same measure continues to apply to restaurant customers. Finally, the blocking of slot machines in public places.

Isolated less powerful variant of the virus

A variant of Sars-CoV-2 virus “extremely less powerful” it was isolated in Brescia in the Microbiology Laboratory of the Asst Civil Hospitals, directed by Arnaldo Caruso, full professor of Microbiology and Clinical Microbiology at the University of Brescia and president of the Italian Society of Virology (Siv-Isv). “While I viral strains that we have been used to seeing in recent months, that we have isolated and sequenced, are ‘biological bombs’ capable of exterminating the cells target in 2-3 days – explains Professor Caruso -, this different variant needs to start attacking them minimum of 6 days: twice the usual time “.

Hyperimmune plasma required throughout Italy

Alessandro Venturi, president of the IRCCS Policlinico San Matteo di Pavia Foundation, talking about the hyperimmune plasma tested in the Lombard hospital for treat patients infected by Covid 19 has said that “aWe have requests from all hospitals in Italy, it’s one solidarity tender between hospitals and regions “. Research on plasma treatment” continues on a regional scale in massive terms – added Venturi – all hospitals in Lombardy are busy collecting plasma which will be stored and used where necessary and Lombardy now has a warehouse of important ammunition awaiting the vaccine or specific drugs against coronavirus “

Red zone, the decision was up to the government

The establishment of the red zone in the Bergamasca it should have been “one government decision. ” The said attorney acting as Bergamo, Maria Cristina Rota. Answering the question of who was responsible for isolating the municipalities of Nembro and Alzano Lombardo affected by the coronavirus epidemic, one of the themes that the investigations Bergamo are investigating, the magistrate replied: “From what we know is a government decision.”

Calcio, the Serie A starts from Bergamo

Football is sure to start again, afterok definitive arrived at the end of the summit between Government, Serie A League and Figc. The first game will be Atalanta-Sassuolo, Friday 19 June. A choice to pay homage to city ​​symbol of the pandemic, the province of the peak of contagions and symbolic deaths

Frontalieri, the tripping of Fontana

One trespassing or a trip, depending on your point of view, that attempted in the past weeks by the president of the Lombardy Region, Attilio Fontana, together with president of the Canton of Ticino Christian Vitta to seek an understanding at dilemma of the double taxation of cross-border commuters. Since the competence in this matter is of the State in Rome, the initiative has not been seen well, especially by Pd. “Fontana, fully bowing to all Ticino requests, asks the Italian government to repeal the 1974 agreement, which today regulates relations between the two countries and the taxation of frontier workers, to replace it with a new text that even worsens the agreement “Paraphrased” by diplomacies in 2015 – Dem parliamentarians explain, Chiara Braga and Alessandra Alfieri – The first thing that appalles is the date of the letter: April 30, 2020. In the midst of the most serious health emergency that has ever hit Lombardy and which is upsetting the frontier economy, the President of the Region, instead of putting in field measures to revive the border territories, immediately asks for a new unfavorable tax agreement for Municipalities and frontier workers “.

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