Coronavirus in Lombardy, 316 new infections and 65 deaths. The decline in hospitalizations continues


Milan, May 21, 2020 – Three months after the discovery of patient 1 in Codogno, I am 316 the new positives to the coronavirus in Lombardy, in front of 14,702 swabs made (622 565). Today’s percentage of positives on daily swabs stands at 2.1%, down from yesterday. This is the lowest figure since April 1st. Overall i infected since early emergency Covid-19 in the region are 86091 while the currently positive are 26,715, up 44 compared to Wednesday. Continue lightening the pressure on intensive care: – 5 people hospitalized (226 in total). Inpatients not in intensive care also decreased: -162 in the last 24 hours, 4,119 overall. The number of deaths, today 65, 15.727 from the beginning of the emergency. The healed / discharged are 207: 43,649 in total. “Today is May 21st, ninety days have passed since the tsunami hit Lombardy – he said the councilor for security Riccardo De Corato -. The data is good, a signal that we are going towards the exit from the tunnel that we are all waiting for “.

Summary of data of 21 May

Provincial data

In province of Milan coronavirus positive cases are 22,455, +83 compared to yesterday (+48 the day before). Of these, 9,490 in the Lombard capital, 38 more than yesterday (+8 the day before). In addition to that of Milan, the provinces with the most cases are Brescia (14326 cases, +77 compared to yesterday from +50 the day before), Bergamo (12,681 cases, +48 compared to yesterday from +26 the day before) and Cremona (6,365 cases, +15 since yesterday, +15 the previous day). Double-digit increases remain Pavia (with +23 cases and 5,105 cases), Como (+18 cases, 3,678 in total), Varese (+10, for 3,423 cases overall and Sondrio, with an increase of 21 cases and a total of 1,404 infections. One-figure increases for the other Lombard provinces: a Lecco + 9 (2,700), a Lodi +7 (3,387), a Mantova +8 (3,308), a Monza and Brianza +8 (5,396).

Provincial data on Thursday 21 May

Movida, Fontana: those who underestimate the rules will close

The nightlife at the time of phase 2. It is one of the hot topics of the covid emergency. The mayor of Milan Beppe Sala and the president of the Lombardy Region Attilio Fontana enter into the merits of the more or less virtuous behavior of citizens and operators to launch an appeal to respect the rules, which is also a warning. “I thank the vast majority of citizens who continues to follow the rules – Fontana writes on Facebook -. Ai four ‘stupid’ that do not comply with the current regulations, I only say that frustrating the efforts made so far is folly. I have therefore asked the commissioner and mayor, of step up controls: those who respect the rules continue to work. Those who still underestimate the situation and the rules will close today, in Milan as in Lombardy“.

Movida and security: “Owners help us”

De Corato, in the usual appointment to take stock of the spread of Coronavirus in the area, also addressed the controversy over the nightlife that sparked the debate in these hours. The Lombard councilor observed that you cannot “delegate too much” to the owners of the premises, “who cannot put people to push others off the tables” of the dining places, rather “it takes a public official, a man in uniform who does it “, even in” extraordinary hours, at night and in the evening, to avoid that steps are taken back “, with respect to the containment of the infection. De Corato added:” I recalled the mayors of Lombardy and the commanders of the municipal police to activate as much as possible the 8,200 local police officers who work in Lombardy to avoid gatherings, together with the state police, carabinieri and finance guard “. The councilor added that the Lombardy Region has made available to the Municipalities” further € 464,000 for anti-crowd checks“and added that his indication is that” the police forces together with the local police form groups to intervene in the cases of assembly “.

Hospital at the fair: the power of attorney opens a file

There is no peace for the anti-Covid hospital built in the pavilions of the Fiera del Portello, before the controversy over thesmall number of patients welcomed, then the one on thehypothetical closure, denied this morning also by Guido Bertolaso, consultant for Lombardy in the realization of the work (“President Fontana told me ‘we will never close it’ ‘). Finally, the request of some donors to return transparent the use of the 21 million raised. And now, following a complaint by the ADL Cobas Lombardia, the Milan prosecutor, as a due act, has opened a fact sheet. At the moment without hypothesis of crime or investigated. According to what is learned, it is a due act, which will lead to exploring if there are any crime titles to investigate. The hypothesis denounced by the basic unionin fact, it is that i 21 million donations collections would have been spent illegitimately to build a structure that was then not used (it hosted a maximum of twenty patients)

Investigations also into the Maugeri rehabilitation center

The pool of the Milan prosecutor’s office, which has already opened more than twenty culpable epidemic and homicide files on the management of guests and patients in RSAs, Is also investigating what happened in the most dramatic phases ofemergency coronavirus alLMaugeri institute of the Lombard capital, a hospital that deals with rehabilitation medicine and therefore not a residence for the elderly. Investigators have empowered investigators to carry out a series of acquisitions and assessments also on the Milan rehabilitation center, which is part of the Maugeri group of Pavia. THEn buyers and investigators will have to ascertain whether or not there have been shortcomings in the management of the diseasesi, deficiencies that would have favored contagion from Covid in the facility

The tattoo artists leave

In a ‘faq’ published on the Lombardy Region website the resumption of activities is allowed at the tattoo and piercing centers. “Because of the analogy between these activities and the beauty centers, tattoo centers must scrupulously observe the guidelines referred to beauticians, foreseen by Ordinance no. 547 of 17 May 2020”.

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