Coronavirus in Lombardy, 293 new infections on 19 thousand swabs: “We are in a new phase”


Milan, 22 May 2020 – Today in Lombardy they have been registered 293 new positives coronavirus e 57 dead. In total, since the beginning of the epidemic, the cases are 86,384 and the deaths 15,784. The currently positive I’m dropped by 782 units (in total there are 25,933). The swabs carried out were 19,028 (total 641,593) and the percentage between them and the people tested positive drops to 1.5%. This is the picture of the coronavirus epidemic traced from the data of the Lombardy region. Yesterday there were 316 new positive cases (2.1% of the swab rate) and 65 deaths. The contagion data in Lombardy Inpatients and patients in intensive care are still decreasing: in the last 24 hours have been recorded -19 ICU patients (207) e -91 hospitalized (4028). Yesterday there were -5 patients in intensive care and -162 hospitalized.

The numbers in the provinces

The data of the contagion province by province As regards the data of the provinces, the number of coronavirus positive in the province of Milan (+73) of which 9,525 (+35) a Milan city. As for the other provinces, a Bergamo the positives are 12,732 (+51), a Brescia 14.345 (+19), a Como 3,713 (+35), a Cremona 6.374 (+9), a Lecco 2,706 (+7), a Lodi 3,392 (+5), a Mantova 3,310 (+2), a Monza 5,409 (+13), a Pavia 5,151 (+46), a Sondrio 1,407 (+3), a Varese 3,446 (+23).

The rate of contagiousness falls

“In one week the Lombardy Region’s contagiousness index dropped from 0.62 to 0.51, going from moderate to low – Giulio Gallera, regional welfare councilor – we are happy, the great efforts made by citizens and the rigid measures put in place even in these days of reopening are supporting the desired results. We must continue to be cautious, keep your distance and use protections, but these data tell us that we are in Lombardy we are in a new phase “.

Screeening in the RSA concluded

Gallera then announced the conclusion of screening in RSA, “where swabs were made to all guests.” Come on results it emerged that “there are about 30% of positives within the RSA and all have been placed in separate areas and treated in a timely manner”. They were swab over 52 thousand elderly people, the total is 57 thousand because some have repeated it twice.

Bonus for healthcare professionals

Meanwhile, with a Facebook post, the governor Attilio Fontana he confirmed that doctors, nurses and health workers from next month they will receive incentives and bonu in paychecks “for the extraordinary work done during the Covid emergency”. Lombardy Region has made available 223 million: 100 million are the traditional RAR (the annual share of the additional regional resources; 123 million (41national and 82 made available by the Lombardy region) the extraordinary bonus incentives. Health workers who, according to 81,261 serological tests carried out, were protected and protected adequately “, says Gallera. From screening on health personnel” only 13.5% tested positive for antibodies“and therefore” has evidence of having contracted Covid-19 “.

Doubts about summer camps

If the numbers of these days are leaning towards a cautious optimism, we must not let our guard down because the Covid-19 is still in circulation. The primary infectious disease specialist at the Sacco hospital in Milan, Massimo Galli, in fact, he invites caution and warns above all regarding the opening of summer camps: “If yes bring together many children and many boys in a situation where they share common spaces and moments, it is clear that they will not maintain spacing and mask with the same efficiency and attention as adults “

Coronavirus and consumption: Lombards spend on do-it-yourself

A little’ for need, a little bit for fill the days of the lockdown. Two months of closure at home for the coronavirus emergency have transformed Lombardy into one do-it-yourself regionyou. The investigation by theStocard observatory on consumption in stores in the first part of Phase 2. According to the smartphone app that allows you to digitize loyalty cards (45 million users worldwide), purchases in DIY centers have returned to pre-Covid levels: 100 receipts issued between 10 and 16 February – the last before the contagions – in the first weeks of reopening the purchases reached 98% and 97%, 25% more than the end of the lockdown (April 27-May 3).

Hospital in Fiera, the Prosecutor opens in file

The judiciary turns on the headlights on theHospital built in hall 1-2 of the Milan fair. And it does so on the day when the first report about how they have been I spent the money donated by private individuals precisely because the new intensive care hub was set up as well as on the day when a real outbreak breaks out in Parliament brawl on Lombard health, with a brawl touched between the deputies of the League and those of the 5 Star Movement. The initiative of the Milan prosecutor is an act due following the complaint presented by Cobas. The dossier for now has cognitive character without hypothesis of crime or investigated. In addition, in the district of the Court of Appeal of Brescia, which also includes the power of attorney Bergamo, Crmeona and Mantua, are the first registered in the register of suspects for hypothesis of crime linked to the coronavirus emergency. Guido Rispoli made it known in a press conference.

Race to private serology: Ats pulls the brake

They cannot be sold serological tests for private citizens without having received a go-ahead of the Ats; and who has a laboratory authorized in emergency by the Region to try i swabs for public health before being able to sell them must sign a contract with the Health Protection Agency that guarantees to the public 80% of the molecular tests that it manages to produce more than the standard destined so far for regional health service. With a circular sent to all public and private hospitals and laboratories in Milan and Lodi, the ATS Metropolitana had to specify some aspects of the new order introduced by the resolution Regional Council of 12 May which established how extra-health serological tests should be performed in Lombardy.

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