Coronavirus in Lombardy, 210 new infected and decreasing deaths. Only 13 cases in Milan


Milan, May 31, 2020 – I am 210 new positives in Lombardy with 12,427 swabs carried out, and the total number of infected by coronavirus iThe region is 88,968. The positive-new swab ratio was 1.7%, while yesterday it was 1.5% when there were 221 more cases with 14,301 swabs. The current positives at Covid-19 are instead 20,996 (-813). In new deaths are falling that I am 33 for a total of 16,112 deaths. Yesterday there were 67 deaths. Intensive care patients are falling (-2, 170) as well as those in the other departments (-176, 3.131). THE healed / discharged patients compared to yesterday they are instead 990 for a total of 51,860. These are the data disclosed by the Lombardy Region.

Coronavirus, May 31 data

Provincial data

I’m only 13 new positives in Milan city and I’m 32 throughout the metropolitan city from Milan. Cases are growing in the province of Bergamo, where in the last 24 hours the cases are 43 against 21 yesterday. Also rising in the province of Brescia, where there are 44 cases against 41 on Saturday, in Como, with 13 cases compared to 3 yesterday and in Varese, with 25 cases compared to 4 the day before. TO Mantova there are 12 cases, compared to 6 on Saturday and a Cremona 11 compared to 6 the day before. TO Lecco are 7, one more than yesterday and a Sondrio 3 against 1 on Saturday. Cases are falling in the province of Pavia, with 10 cases today versus 35 yesterday, and a Lodi, where there are 6 infected today compared to 10 yesterday.

Coronavirus, data in the province on May 31

Zangrillo: “From a clinical point of view Covid no longer exists”

The Covid-19 “from the clinical point of view no longer exists”. He is convinced of this primary of San Raffaele in Milan Alberto Zangrillo, director of intensive care. During the broadcast ‘In Mezz’ora in più’ on Raitre, conducted by Lucia Annunziata, Zangrillo, regarding the observations on the situation of the Lombardy Region, explained: “That the virus from the clinical point of view no longer exists, he says the Vita e Salute University of San Raffaelesays a study done by the virologist director of the Institute of Virology, Professor Clementi, says it together with Emory University of Atlanta, Professor Silvestri: the swabs performed in the last ten days have results with a viral load from an infinitesimal quantitative point of view compared to swabs performed on patients a month ago. ”

Fontana: improvement is thanks to the Lombards

For the Lombard governor Attilio Fontana “our people, with little exceptions, he replied very seriously and consciously. It is thanks to them if today the numbers related to the infection have reduced substantially “.” Today our numbers are positive – added Fontana -, I do not say it out loud for superstition and to avoid saying that we have finished this battle . The battle is not over“.

A month of Phase 2 in Lombardy

A distance of almost a month after the end of the lockdown for the Lombardy there are two news, good and bad. The good news is that slowly, without jolts but also without stops, the epidemic is waning. Fewer cases, especially many fewer ICU admissions. The bad news is that you keep dying. From 30 April to 30 May, another 2,307 Lombards disappeared, from over 13,000 to 16,000, +14 percent.

Switzerland reopens only in July for Italians

Italy reopens its borders on Wednesday Switzerland will continue to close until 6 July. So far, the appeals that have come from Bern to Rome have fallen on deaf ears, the fault of the contagion index still too high in Italy and in particular in Lombardy. So starting on Wednesday, the borders between the two countries will risk seeing Kafkaesque scenes. For example, the Swiss will be free to come to Italy as it was before the lockdown, but they could have big problems when they return home. For the Swiss Confederation, in fact, the only movements allowed are for work and serious family reasons, it is forbidden to cross the border for shopping and on return you risk a fine that can reach 3 thousand francs (more than 2,800 euros) and the need to undergo quarantine.

One hundred days from patient 1

“They have passed 100 days from that night when our life has dramatically changed – the President of the Region recalled yesterday Attilio Fontana -. Thanks to the skills and obstinacy of the doctors of Codogno, we discovered an invisible killer that was silently spreading among us, bringing unspeakable bereavements and immense pain in families, communities, in all of us. But thanks to the tenacity, discipline and determination of the Lombards we managed to downsize it “.

Movements between regions, Lombardy also looks to June 3

The optimism shown by president Attilio Fontana in the past few days (“The data are all good, I am convinced that from 3 June the Lombards will be free to move throughout Italy”) would seem well placed. In fact, it goes towards ugeneral reopening for June 3, Lombardy included: “No critical situation, caution in some regions”.

New regional ordinance

From gyms, swimming pools, cultural and recreational clubs will reopen on Monday 1 June in Lombardy. The expected new ordinance upon the signature of the President of the Region, Attilio Fontana. Green light also for access to theme and amusement parks, as well as in the wildlife parks. Stay though the obligation to bring the mask or other clothing useful to cover the respiratory tract even outdoors, as well as the temperature measurement for the employer and employees and the same measure continues to apply to restaurant customers. Finally, the blocking of slot machines in public places.

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