Coronavirus: in Liguria still dead and infected, hospital admissions increase


Genoa. The number of patients hospitalized in Liguria due to coronavirus increases by 8 people. It emerges from the last bulletin disseminated by the Liguria Region on the basis of the data of the ministerial flow. In addition to the number of hospitalized patients, 6 deaths and 12 new ones infected in the last twenty-four hours are still reported, even if the number of positives continues to drop (compared to yesterday they are 108 less, 2,927 in total).

Some figures weigh on hospital data new hospitalizations in Genoa (one in San Martino, 4 in Galliera, 5 in Villa Scassi) and one in the Asl 2 of Savona. However, none of these are in intensive care. In all there are 22 patients in San Martino (2 in intensive care), 39 in Galliera, 40 in Villa Scassi (only one in intensive care), one in Lavagna.

Note also the data of the swabs made, 1,471 more than yesterday (and therefore still very far from the pre-set objective of 3,000 daily tests), given that it still includes swabs performed several times on the same people. In all, 106,363 have been analyzed since the beginning of the emergency.

In home isolation there are 466 people (120 fewer than yesterday), the total of healed with double negative test it amounts to 5,271 (114 more) while the positives discharged from the hospital and treated at home are 2,258 (4 more). With the latest deaths, the death toll rises to 1,463.

In the last hours of the Genoese hospitals, only Villa Scassi reported two deaths: a 79-year-old man hospitalized in the cardiology department with comorbidity who died today and an 86-year-old woman hospitalized in the medical department with comorbidity who also died today.

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