Coronavirus, in Lazio the new 1000 intensive care places remain open. Rome-Milan is on high alert


There Lazio health care Yes redesigns. Or rather, it has already been redesigned to respond to the coronavirus emergency, but it will do it again, and again, according to needs. Notwithstanding that improvements and investments made in recent months will remain a pivot point: such as theincrease in beds in intensive care.

«We have designed and applied a accordion model – defines the Councilor for Health of the Lazio Region, Alessio D’Amato – that is a system that acquires and then returns as needed. To welcome Covid patients many wards have changed, but now they are returning to normal. “

Here, we will therefore continue according to the lines drawn during the peak of this terrible influence. Hence the regional health comes out strengthened by 2,145 staff, after years of blocking the turn over: 596 doctors were recruited, 1,042 nurses and 507 operators from other professions. But also, and especially in the ICU beds. In the period with the most sick the places available in the reanimations of the regional territory have reached share a thousand. From now on 280 will remain for Covid and infectious diseases. Spread over the five Hub: Spallanzani, Policlinici Gemelli, Umberto I, Tor Vergata and Casal Palocco clinical institute. The other 720 will return to the other specialties and other emergency areas. Just as some of the will remain in the system accommodation facilities who have hosted patients in home isolation. Of the beyond 2 thousand places initially made available by hotels and the like, ne 200 will remain. At the Marriott near Columbus, at Urban on Tiburtina near Rebibbia, at the Domus sessoriana in San Giovanni, at Casa San Bernardo on Laurentina and at Villa Primavera in Ottavia. «A useful system that worked because it allowed us to manage difficult situations in which isolation otherwise it would have been impossible, as for example at the Selam palace ».

All this also in view of one feared and realistic second wave of contagions with the arrival autumn. “The technicians and scientists say that another step will be likely – continues D’Amato -. The Region took the field with lVaccination obligation for the elderly, weak and pathological subjects, health workers, blood donors, law enforcement and children between six months and six years. For over 2 and a half million people that is, the flu vaccine will be mandatory and free. And it will help us avoid overlapping symptoms. “

At least waiting for the vaccine against Covid, also being tested at Spallanzani, where tests on healthy subjects will begin next month. “But also – announces the commissioner – looking forward to a rapid molecular test. Or a swab on saliva, which will have very short processing times and which is being validated by pharmaceutical companies ».

Now there are others on the horizon two goals. First, to preserve Lazio from the risk that derives fromopening of the regions. «We await the official decision of the government, but our goal remains protect Rome. So far we have succeeded – concludes D’Amato -. We are worried, we thought it was taken into account incidence rates, but rumors suggest that the government is going in the opposite direction. We have to put in place a valid tracking system because between Rome and Milan travel tens of thousands of people every day». And second, the reopening of the schools, in safety, “for which – anticipates D’Amato – we are thinking of extend the epidemiological investigation to 100,000 teachers and staff. And we do not rule out subjecting the children to the examination, but there the path is complicated for authorizations. “

May 31, 2020 | 08:03


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