Coronavirus in Campania, stable trend: 10 positives discovered on 4,601 swabs


10 new cases of coronavirus emerged today in Campania from the analysis of 4,601 swabs. The total number of coronavirus cases in Campania since the beginning of the emergency thus rises to 4,787, while 193,669 swabs have been analyzed in total. The swabs that tested positive were examined at the hospital in Nola (5), at the Ruggi hospital in Salerno ( 1), at the ASL of Caserta, garrisons of Aversa-Marcianise (1), at the Moscati hospital in Avellino (1), at the San Pio hospital in Benevento (1) and at the Eboli hospital (1).

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Today’s positives: 10
Today’s swabs: 4,601
Overall positive Campania: 4,787
Campania swabs total: 193,669

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