Coronavirus in Bergamo, the Prosecutor also summons the president of the Region Attilio Fontana and Gallera


The president of the Lombardy region Attilio Fontana was also summoned by the Bergamo prosecutor. Fontana will be heard as an informed person on the facts of the investigation into the failure to close the emergency room of the hospital of Alzano to discover the first cases of coronavirus on February 23 and the deaths in the RSA, and who is investigating the failure to establish a red area between Nembro and Alzano in early March. The president of the region will be heard in the coming days. With him, the magistrates also called the councilor for health, Giulio Gallera, as heads. In recent weeks Fontana had denied any responsibility regarding the closure of the territories: We asked the government to establish a red zone in both Alzano Lombardo and Nembro as we had done for Codogno, but the go-ahead came only for the latter. The military was already there to close it, but the government waited for the 7th and then did not do so. I do not command the armed forces and alone I could not go on.

The Bergamo magistrates are investigating the culpable epidemic on many dubious aspects in the management of the emergency in the area. Always as an informed person on the facts he had already been heard Luigi Cajazzo, Director General of Welfare of the Lombardy Region, who explained that the decision to reopen Alzano’s emergency room had been taken in agreement with the general management of the ASST of Bergamo East, as it had been assured that everything was fine and the premises had been sanitized and there were already separate Covid and no Covid paths. Cajazzo had recorded that the provision to reopen the emergency room only for urgent cases was due to very rapid evolution of the epidemic demonstrated by the fact that on that day there were already 114 positive cases throughout Lombardy, of which about twenty were of patients admitted to intensive care. And in light of this situation it was impossible to renounce an important care offer, even if limited to emergencies. In addition, the director general of the Welfare of Lombardy had specified that on Sunday, immediately, all the health workers who had been in contact with positive patients were swab and that the ordinary activity of the hospital was suspended, including surgery, safeguarding only indifferent interventions. In the following days, always on the same story, the top management of the ASST Bergamo Est, Francesco Locati and Roberto Cosentina had also been heard.

May 27, 2020 | 19:55


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