Coronavirus in Ariano Irpino, finitol screening: another 60 infected discovered


Sixty new infected in Ariano Irpino alone, the first “red zone” of Campania. “But don’t worry,” experts say. Indeed, the figure should be read in a positive key: it is only 0.44% of the population subjected to screening. The cases were discovered through the massive mass analysis that involved practically the entire population of the city in the province of Avellino. The governor Vincenzo De Luca is convinced that the maxi-plan organized by the Region with the Experimental Zooprophylactic Institute of the South will make school in Italy and allow to extinguish that Irpinian outbreak. This activity is one of a kind in the whole peninsula. The numbers demonstrate this plastically: 13,444 citizens voluntarily underwent the serological test, out of a population of 17,823 residents. In practice, 75% of the actual inhabitants. The Aryanese responded with a great sense of responsibility to the invitation of the institutions. For two days they were lined up in front of the schools that usually host polling stations awaiting their turn for blood sampling. The 13,444 test tubes were subsequently analyzed by Monaldi’s laboratories. It was found that 650 people were positive for the serological test, equal to 4.83% of the population studied, which therefore developed the antibodies. Hence, the need to perform the nasopharyngeal swab that has brought out the sixty new positive cases of Coronavirus, that is 0.44% of the total population undergoing screening.

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“Positives to the swab were characterized by variable viremies, for the most part with low viral load – underline by the Region – Citizens who tested positive for the swab as a precaution will be placed under observation in isolation, while as per protocol they will still be identified and monitored any contacts ». The new positives add to the 223 that the community has recorded since the emergency broke out, including twenty-six victims. Almost half of Irpinia’s infections relate to Ariano Irpino. And another slice is certainly linked to that outbreak.

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A series of events are for the attention of the judiciary, while the ASL of Avellino and the Crisis Unit have never stopped monitoring a situation that was immediately complicated. In addition to ordering the closure of the borders with the ordinance that imposed the “red zone”, the governor De Luca has decided to promote the control plan to avoid other problems. Yesterday the announcement that ended, “the most extensive serological screening ever made in Italy, based on an innovative molecular epidemiological approach. A unique study at a national level for two reasons: number of the sample screened for the evaluation of contacts with Sars-Cov-2, by means of antibody assay; for the molecular epidemiological data on the spread of the virus in a population of a municipality designated promptly in Campania as a red zone “.

President De Luca celebrates «The extraordinary investment made on Ariano, because only this mass screening allows to extinguish the outbreak forever and to guarantee the protection of health and serenity of life for the whole population. It should be added that for the importance of this test, for the use of more sophisticated technologies and for its mass size, it is an experience of great scientific value that will be made available to the country. We will also make a serum bank available to everyone to treat patients who are in serious conditions, even from other territories, in case of need in the near future “. READ ALSO De Luca: «We will give support to Irpinia and Valdiano»

For the director of the Zooprophylactic Institute, Antonio Limone, “Ariano Irpino had the opportunity to have a snapshot through the swabs that verify the presence of the virus at a given time. And, at the same time, to have a film of the antibodies produced by screening ». This on an important population and on one of the largest territories in Italy. “Now we will build a unique model thanks to this activity – Limone says – We will understand what has been the trend of the virus in the area, the profession, age and sex of the infected. A model that will contribute, among other things, to the research that is pursuing the Tigem of Pozzuoli and Professor Ascierto. It was a pioneering experience with the design, organization and implementation of the study. ” De Luca and Limone praise the Arianese for the great civic sense shown.

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