Coronavirus, hospitalizations have so far cost 1.23 billion euros – La Stampa


The coronavirus emergency begins to present its income statement: admissions for Covid 19 have so far cost over a billion euros. This is what the High School of Economics and Management of Health Systems claims in a recently published report. The 144,658 hospitalizations represent an expense of 1.23 billion euros, 33% of which is incurred for cases treated in Lombardy. Each hospitalization cost an average of 8,476 euros. The hospitalizations that ended with the patient’s death were 23,069 for a total expenditure of 225,958,333 euros, of which almost half, 48%, sustained for the cases treated in Lombardy. In these cases, the average hospitalization expense is estimated at 9,796 euros.

To understand the value of this expense, it is necessary to make a comparison with the expenditure of ordinary hospitalizations which in 2018 turned out to have been 3,866.56 euros per hospitalization. In four months of the coronavirus emergency, however, things have changed. It is estimated that the pandemic has led to a reduction of 860,000 ordinary hospitalizations for a total expenditure of 3.3 billion euros. “It remains to be verified – reads the report – whether this loss of activity will have an impact on both patient health and future hospitalization with possible economic losses for private institutions accredited by the national health service”.

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