Coronavirus: hospitalization in ward before test outcome – Aosta Valley


                          <h2 class="news-stit">'Asttanteria' will be closed. Covid will remain with 30 seats</h2>
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                      <p>The Parini hospital in Aosta also enters 'Phase 2', after the emergency one, and patients arriving from the emergency room and awaiting the outcome of the Covid swab will be hospitalized in the various hospital wards, "if possible isolated in the room single or subjected to functional isolation from droplet ", and no longer in a separate department. This is what the new organizational provisions of the medical director of the hospital unit provide. Pending a possible Covid hospital, many specialist wards will be reopened and the space used up to now by the 'astentery' where the untested patients are temporarily placed will be closed.<br/>    However, a Covid facility with 30 beds and also one for symptomatic suspicions (10 places) will remain open at Parini, in the infectious disease building. <br/>   </p></div>
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