Coronavirus, here are the rules to follow to travel by plane


Ensure the safety of travelers and staff on planes with a view to returning to regular flight on planes after severe emergency restrictions Coronavirus. For this reason, the European Aviation Safety Agency (Easa) and the European Center for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC), on behalf of the EU Commission, have developed some guidelines which take into consideration all phases of the passenger’s journey, specifying the actions or measures to be taken, from before arriving at the airport to boarding to the final destination. Here are some of the recommendations: keep the physical distance of 1 meter and a half wherever possible, wear a medical mask in airport and on planes to protect other passengers, to practice scrupulous and frequent hand washing.

“Flights by plane, here are the places to avoid getting infected”

People from the same family will be able to sit close

A separate section is dedicated to flight safety for crew members. As regards the mask, the document recommends its use for everyone at airports and on planes from the moment they enter the departure terminal to the arrival terminal (please also remember that it must be changed every 4 hours): exemptions are provided for children under 6 years and for specific medical reasons. On planes, in addition to other safety and hygiene measures, where made possible by the quantity of passengers, cabin configuration and mass and balance requirements, the companies must guarantee “to the extent possible, physical distancing between passengers“. Members of the same family or cohabiting people traveling together”they can sit close“.


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