Coronavirus, here are the measures in force since June 3


In Italy the slow return to normal continues after almost three months of lockdown, a measure put in place to contain the epidemic of coronavirus which in our country has so far caused over 32 thousand deaths. After an initial easing of the measures which took place on May 18, there will be news on mobility from Wednesday June 3. First of all you can move between Regions without limitations. They will also be possible, without having to submit to the quarantine obligation, i do you travel to and from EU countries, the Schengen area and to the United Kingdom. These shifts, however, are conditioned by the reciprocity of conditions with individual states. Travel to and from countries that are not part of the EU and the Schengen area, except those already possible for work, urgency or health reasons, will resume from next June 16.

These are just some of the news in force from next week. From June 3 will be allowed access to parks as it will be possible theremotor activity respecting a safety distance of at least two meters. Furthermore, static events will be permitted with participants who must respect the distancing rule. Summer camps for minors start on June 15th. On the same day, moreover, with capacity and distance limitations, cinemas, theaters, concerts, even indoors, will be able to start again.

Masses, funerals, visits to museums and places of culture, the activities of bathing establishments and accommodation facilities as well as those of bars, restaurants, barbers, hairdressers will continue to be allowed with spacing limitations deriving from the security protocols. The football professional, another sector that has been talked about a lot in recent weeks, could start again from 13 June with the Coppa Italia matches.

Despite the greater freedoms, numerous activities such as school and university attendance are still suspended. Unless changes are made in the coming days, congresses, reunions, meetings, social events and visits to spas and social centers are not allowed. Still cruises for ships flying the Italian flag. Visits to rsa are regulated by the facility’s healthcare management. In addition, relatives cannot remain in the emergency room waiting rooms.

The authorities recall that some rules for the containment of coronavirus will remain in force next week. In addition to the aforementioned social distancing of at least one meter, there is an obligation to stay at one’s home for those in quarantine and for those who have a respiratory infection with a fever above 37.5 degrees.

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