Coronavirus, have the teachers meet for the last time with the pupils of the fifth primary


“Dear President of the Region, reopen everything except the school: allow at least the fifth grade children to be able to see their teacher for the last time”: this is the appeal of a group of Sardinian parents to the Governor Christian Solinas, to organize a meeting of the pupils at the end of the cycle at school with their teachers.

The conditions were there

According to the signatories of the letter, there were the conditions to try, also in view of next year, experimental solutions for the fifth primary and the third grade, in order to make sure that the outgoing pupils and their teachers are safely reviewed. and their professors.

It is also a question of democracy and equality, they wrote, in the face of the right to education.

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Parental problems

Many parents, even during the most critical phases of the pandemic, have indicated that they have been forced to go to work. With the need to have to resort to babysitting or, worse, grandparents who belong to the age group that should be better protected.

In the appeal, the parents also agreed with the petition launched in recent days by the psychotherapist Luca Pisano, with which he asked for the reopening of schools in September and the provision of lessons from home. The appeal was also sent to the mayor of Cagliari Paolo Truzzu. “If it is true that you still have to live with Covid19 for a long time – this is one of the steps in summary – school can be the right training ground for socializing for the new rules to be respected”.

The DaD however is “educational impoverishment”

Finally, from Sardinian parents comes a sonorous rejection for distance teaching (dad): they argue that however necessary, in the period of full emergency of the Coronavirus, it cannot be considered a valid alternative to face-to-face training. Even when it took place in the best way, it would have produced a “didactic impoverishment”, the parents of the pupils concluded-

Governor Rossi: why no alternative to DaD?

Messages of regret also come from Tuscany for the extension of distance learning, with possible “queuing” in September.

Enrico Rossi, president of the Tuscany Region, spoke to Controradio about “leaving school”, calling it “amazing: there is no concern to guarantee, to verify alternatives. I had intervened several times, and I have no particular powers in this matter, suggesting to expand the spaces “.

We could immediately return to shifts

According to Rossi, “not worrying about doing something for schools, it really seemed like a mistake that is not reflected in the rest of Europe”.

“It could for example – continued the governor – establish that certain schools could resume under close monitoring, perhaps alternating shifts with the use of spaces not only for schools, but also for associations, of gyms. In my opinion, an effort should also have been made to hire teachers: we need to recover all the cuts that we have been carrying for 12 years now ”, referring to the effects of the 2008 Tremonti-Gelmini reform plan.

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