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ROME. The new infections go up from 397 to 584 and Lombardy is more and more a case: with 384 new positives against 159 yesterday, it alone makes 66% of all cases registered today in the whole country. Deaths also rise from 78 to 117: half, 58, are recorded in Lombardy. Despite the poor results, 188 beds are released in the Covid ordinary wards and 16 in the intensive care units. A photograph, we remember him, that still captures the situation of about three weeks ago, because this is the time that passes on average from the contagion to the notification of the results of the swab. To know the effect of the real restart of the 18th, with attached nightlife and happy hour, we will therefore have to wait until mid-June.

In the meantime in Piedmont the new infections have risen from 86 to 73 after yesterday’s surge and also in Liguria the data improve, going from 53 to 39. The new cases of positivity to Coronavirus recorded in the last 24 hours in Veneto drop from 8 to 6 , for a total of 19,113 subjects since the beginning of the epidemic. Today’s bulletin of the Region updates the number of victims with only one death in hospitals (none in the RSA), thus rising to 18,887. Even today, no new coronavirus positive and no victims in South Tyrol. This was reported by the South Tyrolean Health Authority. In the last 24 hours, 738 swabs have been evaluated for a total of 62,247 swabs out of 28,809 people since the beginning of the emergency.

The new infected in Tuscany are on the rise, where today there are 15 against 12 yesterday. Total Covid positives thus rise to 10,082 and the healed, between clinical and viral, grow by 0.9% and reach 7,595 while 6 new deaths are recorded.

With just 11 new infections against yesterday’s 18, Lazio has recorded the lowest figure since the beginning of the Covid emergency, with a trend of only 0.1% now. Only 5 against 8 of yesterday were the cases notified in the day in the capital, which could thus approach the milestone of “Covid free” status. Another day with no new Covid cases ascertained, 1,431 in total, nor new victims, 75, in Umbria, where only one was registered yesterday. According to data updated by the Region, the currently positive drops to 45 (-4). There are 1,311 healed (+4) and 13 clinically healed (+6). Currently they are hospitalized in 15 (+1) for coronavirus, two (unchanged) in intensive care.

There are 10 versus 2 yesterday of the new coronavirus infections on 2,626 swabs reported today in Puglia and all new infections were detected in the province of Foggia. One death occurred in the province of Brindisi, therefore the number of coronavirus victims in Puglia rises to 495. The hospitalized patients are 187, a stable figure compared to yesterday, the Apulians assisted at home instead are 1,247, while the recovered are 2,471. After three consecutive days with zero infections, a new coronavirus case (which concerns the city of Potenza) is back in Basilicata. The regional task force announced this, specifying that 537 swabs were analyzed yesterday.

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