Coronavirus, Greece reopens but says no to the Italians: maybe they talk about it in July. Pure Austria and Switzerland do not want to reopen their borders


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None Greek island neither Swiss lakes not even the beauties of Innsbruck is Vienna. Several European countries begin to reopen i borders, but they express fears towards the Italians who for now remain outside and risk seeing the world map reduced in view of the holidays. Looking at the business of summer holidays, the neighbor Greece he said yes to tourists from 29 countries, but Italians are excluded. Also Austria is Switzerland they have no intention of reopening the borders to Italy, “at least for the moment”. There Croatia it does, but only in part: you can enter the territory only for business and tourism reasons, but only if you have booked the hotel.

Greece – From June 15, when the airports all tourists from 29 countries, including, will be able to reopen on international flights Australia, Denmark, Japan, New Zeland, Norway, South Korea. Except Italy. This is what the newspaper reports Kathimerini, which publishes on Twitter the list, which will be updated on July 1, of the countries admitted after loosening the measures lockdown taxes to contain the spread of coronavirus.

Croatia – Yes, to Italian tourists, but only if they book thehotel. There Croatia reopens the borders without restrictions to citizens of ten countries of theEuropean Union, but Italy is not among them: Zagreb, however, has decided to give Italians the opportunity to enter the country to work reasons and for proven economic reasons, these also include tourist ones. There is only one restriction, namely that of showing one at the border hotel booking or in another accommodation facility. Thursday the Croatian government, to restart the tourism hard hit by the pandemic of the coronavirus, reopened the borders without any restrictions for the citizens of Austria, Czech Republic, Estonia, Germany, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Slovakia and Slovenia. The choice of countries was not accidental. In fact, according to the government, these “record an epidemiological situation positive, similar to that of Croatia “. Reason why theItaly she remained outside, even if not entirely.

Austria and Switzerland – At the moment borders are closed for Italy, but from June 15 no control between the two countries or on the borders with France and Germany. Austria is Switzerlandin fact, they have excluded for the moment to welcome Italian citizens. For Vienna some Italian regions are “still a hotbed”Of Covid-19 and per Bern the reopening of the southern borders on 3 June is premature and travel, even if possible for Swiss citizens, is advised. Nothing definitive, however, stressed the two countries: it will all depend on the progress of the infections in the neighboring regions, which are also those that are even more in difficulty, such as the Lombardy. In the case of Switzerland, there is also the possibility that this will decide to reopen the borders on 6 July, when freedom of movement in theSchengen area.

Denmark – From June 15 Denmark will open to tourists from Germany, from Norway and fromIceland. However, the reopening of the borders with the European Union, the Schengen countries and Great Britain has been postponed until after the summer, Danish Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen announced. Maybe there Sweden could precede others.

Slovenia – The new decree of the Slovenian government opens the doors to European tourism, but the transit of the border is still unclear Italy and Slovenia. The meeting between the foreign ministers of the two countries will have to be awaited. The new order provides one quarantine of 14 days for citizens of the European Union and beyond: excluding tourists with hotel booking.

Spain – From July the entrances of foreign tourists to Spain will resume. The government, however, has stressed that it is trying to establish safe corridors between parts of Spain that have the epidemic under control and similar areas in Europe. Nothing has yet been said about travelers outside the European Union.

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