Coronavirus, gives birth unconsciously and attached to the respirator: after a month she embraces her daughter


Goes was in her eighth month when, on April 24, she was hospitalized in the Santa Lúcia Maternity Hospital in Rio de Janeiro for breathing problems and other Covid symptoms. Two days later, her condition worsened, she was attached to the artificial respirator in a state of unconsciousness. The doctors then opted for an emergency cesarean.

After the cesarean, Goes was revived and transferred to another hospital. It remained attached to the respirator until 8 May. On the 9th he saw his daughter in a video call for the first time. The baby tested negative for the virus and remained in solitary confinement until the mother recovered. On May 20, after about a month, Goes was able to hug his baby girl for the first time. “Being able to tighten it was so exciting,” said the nurse, as reported by the Daily Mail.

When mom and daughter left the hospital, the medical staff applauded and celebrated with balloons.

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