Coronavirus: Gibraltar, monkeys at risk – last hour


(ANSA) – MADRID, MAY 30 – The authorities of the small enclave
of Gibraltar, fearing a coronavirus epidemic between
his famous monkeys banned tourists from touching them
animals. Barbary macaques, the only wild monkey population in
Europe are a popular tourist attraction and folklore
local wants Gibraltar would stop being British though
the monkeys left the fortress. Feeding them is already
illegal and punishable by heavy fines, but now the government has
decided to go further and, in a statement, made it known that
“strict measures will be taken to prevent contact with the
monkeys “to” minimize the risk they contract
the infection. “With 161 cases of Covid-19 out of a population of
30,000 inhabitants, the impact of the pandemic has been relatively
low especially in comparison with neighboring Spain. “Because of
low level of contagion in Gibraltar and site lockdown
tourist, it is potentially certain that monkeys do not have
contract the Covid-19 “reads the release.


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