Coronavirus, Gentiloni: “The Recovery Fund will have no conditionality”


States must present the Recovery plan to the Commission in April, as an annex to the national reform program, but they can already submit it in October together with the draft stability law so we can evaluate it more quickly, indeed we encourage it to do so, “he said. added the commissioner to the economy.

Dombrovskis, Recovery plan looks to the future and reforms “The Recovery plan looks to the future” of investments, “but we must also look to make the necessary reforms,” ​​said vice-president of the EU Commission Valdis Dombrovskis, presenting the Recovery and resilience facility, one of the tools of the Recovery plan that will have 560 billions available, most in grants and others in loans. “This tool will help states finance pro-growth reforms, social cohesion and economic problems. We must act together.”

“The resources of the Recovery fund will be distributed on the basis of the objectives achieved, added Dombrovskis.” We will set milestones and milestones in terms of reforms and after that the money will be distributed on the basis of achieving the objectives “.

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