Coronavirus, Gallera gaffe: “With Rt index at 0.51 it takes two positives to infect me” | The M5s attacks: “This is the League in Lombardy”


It is enough to meet a person with the Covid 19 close up to get infected. The Rt index, which measures the rate of spread of the virus, is currently 0.5 in Lombardy, which means that a patient is able to transmit it to less than one person. However, this is a count that is only valid on a statistical level and is not applicable in a rough way in reality. When the RT is equal to one, it means that for a patient there is an infected person, but in any case the transmission remains from one person to another.

The M5s attacks: “This is the League in Lombardy” – The councilor’s slip has rekindled the clash between the pentastellato movement and the League, which already during the week had recorded violent tones for the Ricciardi case (in the Chamber the M5s deputy had bitterly criticized the Lombard Healthcare, provoking several protests from the representatives of the Carroccio).

Gallera replies: “The contagion index explained in a simple way” “I am appalled, we even put the comedians on the field. I just tried to explain what’s happening in a very simple way. We tried to explain what the R0 contagion index is in a simple way.” So to “Stasera Italia” the commissioner Gallera, explained his gaffe. “When the contagion index at 0.5 – he underlined – means that a person can infect another person, when it is two it means that a person infects two. When it is 0.5 the scientific texts say that in a community of 100 people infect 50. So I highlighted the slowdown of the infection. ”

“There is an obvious political attack on Lombardy” According to Gallera, “there is an evident political attack on Lombardy. It is an attack on the Lombard model which has always been the locomotive of the country”. And then: “Are we afraid of falling behind in the openings of June 3? I am afraid that there is a resurgence of the infection, I am very worried about this. We will try to be careful, we have put in place very timely measures. We will not be left behind, Lombardy it is already reorganizing itself. “

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