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Ancona, May 30, 2020 – Body and soul, it has put us both in these tragic months. The pandemic faced her as a professional by experiencing the disease on her skin. Doctor Alberto Borghetti, infectious disease specialist in Castelfidardo, 34 years old, is now on zero plasma donor of the “Gemelli” polyclinic in Rome where he has been working since the end of the University. “I was infected but I was asymptomatic. I was recently contacted for the study of plasma efficacy – he says – I believe that for a doctor there is no better experience than becoming the cure himself”.

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The epidemic Dr. Borghetti has lived it since the beginning, invested it in full while he was on duty with many other colleagues at the Policlinico. The story it’s tragic in those weeks but in his words we can read the full strength of a category: “It was dramatic, shocked us. There was also tension and fear towards the unknown. Very little is known of the virus in fact. ‘Gemini’ mortality has been low compared to the North, because there have been fewer cases, but the significant teamwork that has been done and is still ongoing is not negligible. ”

With regard to plasma treatment, there are currently only “case series”, ie reports with few patients in which treatment was attempted when other therapies had already failed. “For therapy, so-called convalescent plasma of patients recovered from Covid is used. In these ‘case series’, a benefit in terms of reducing the temperature, improvement of respiratory function and laboratory parameters, in some cases already three days after administration. Despite being a preliminary result, all of this suggests excellent efficacy and safety. It is only an ‘eyeometric’ estimate for now and in any case there are no adverse effects. The virus is effectively blocked. The system was not born now, it was used for Sars 2004 for example. The novelty compared to previous cases is that we are administering it before the patient becomes critical. ”

Courage and professionalism go hand in hand, still, because the emergency is not over. We still surf on sight, of course, because Dr. Borghetti and the team will have to wait a few weeks to see how the reopening of stores has gone and understand, only in several days, if there have been negative consequences: “I don’t expect a relapse, perhaps the virulence of Coronavirus it is changing and part of the population may already have antibodies. In the future we do not know if these will remain high and protective, if the virus will change and therefore what awaits us in the autumn when we will also have the recovery of seasonal flu. Meanwhile, I express all my gratitude to the promoters of the convalescent plasma trial, in particular to my esteemed colleague and friend Professor Teofili (on the front line both on the protocols and in the field), to the fantastic staff of the transfusion center, to all the medical colleagues, nurses , porters, ooss, cleaners and many others, joined in this challenge. I address everyone, if you have contracted the disease you can now return the stroke and donate the plasma too, do it. ”

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