Coronavirus, from June 3 we will move between regions that have the same level of contagion


The crucial date on May 29, 2020. Because on that day, next Friday, the weekly monitoring report will arrive, which will provide indications to give the green light to travel between the regions. While in the current phase there is freedom of movement in your region of residence, from June 3rd – as required by the decree in force – you will be able to move all over Italy. But the opening may not be total. Indeed, the government will decide the criteria and the governors will have the power to impose limitations. With a clear objective: to prevent entry to those coming from the regions with the highest number of infections.

The 21 for the level

In the coming days, the details of the route established according to a rule will be finalized: there will be no limit only between regions that are at the same level of risk. And this will affect the lives of citizens in the coming weeks, therefore also during the summer holidays. The level assignment takes place by processing the 21 points of monitoring developed by the Ministry of Health. Each week the Regions have the obligation to communicate a series of parameters and the intersection of these data provides the overall evaluation. In particular they must disclose the RT (the rate of contagiousness that replaced the R0), the number of swabs carried out and a series of data relating to the health system’s maintenance, with particular attention to intensive care. Crossing this information leads to the level of risk which can be low, moderate or high. And this allows you to take the necessary measures to keep citizens safe, but at the same time continue with the progress of phase 2 as established in the Dpcm which entered into force on 18 May.

Also Thursday the Minister of Regional Affairs Francesco Boccia he wanted to reiterate that it is up to the Regions to keep the situation under control and communicate any alarms in order to be able intervene promptly. Then he again stressed that if there were some high risk regions, we will know this a few days before. Before opening, if someone were to be at a high level, it does not open.

Risk assessment

Every Friday the tables are examined and then we proceed. On May 29, the government will analyze the data and decide whether the Interregional mobility can apply to everyone or if instead exceptions must be foreseen. And this could also apply to individual cities or countries. To better understand what will happen, an example can be made based on last week’s data on how low all regions were except Lombardy, Molise and Umbria. In that situation the three regions would have been excluded from freedom of movement.

The measure will not however be definitive, but will be evaluated and updated on the basis of the weekly results. It therefore changed according to an improvement or worsening of the situation that determines the risk assessment. The government’s choice to delegate to the Presidents of the Regions at this stage the ways to close or open their borders – albeit on the basis of common guidelines or in any case of a confrontation that always remains open and that appears in the last period characterized by a collaborative atmosphere – allow everyone to proceed as they see fit and safer for their residents. And therefore, even in front of a new Dpcm that should decide on an opening, you can choose a harder line. The assessments could also take into account individual realities that could show a different trend from that of the region. Just as happened last week in Molise and Umbria, where there have been episodes that in some centers have increased the number of infections and then influenced the general evaluation. In the last few hours, however, the Milan data aroused alarm, because the Rt rose from 0.65 on 12 May to 0.86 on Thursday 21.

Entrance only with the test

The governor of SardiniaChristian Solinas two days ago he declared that his region can only be entered with an immunity license. In reality, it is not clear how it should be obtained and Boccia himself has already clarified that there is nothing concrete about this. Instead, what is proposed by other governors is more likely and what – especially in view of a possible exodus scheduled between July and August – could be condition entry into the region with a quarantine requirement or the performance of a serological test updated to the last week, which can therefore exclude the person’s positivity. This possibility had been hypothesized by the governor of Sicily In the Musumeci, without however excluding that mayors may then make further decisions by limiting arrivals to their Municipality if they believe they do not have sufficient health facilities to deal with an emergency or the ways to control the arrival of people at risk. A line of prudence that the Minister of Health Roberto Speranza wanted to reiterate yesterday also with respect to the already signed ordinances.

The neighboring territories

The letter sent to the President of the Conference of the Regions Stefano Bonaccini peremptory: the prohibition remains on moving between the regions and the governors who decide to act in derogation, taking responsibility for them, can do so only for journeys of absolute necessity. It was Bonaccini himself who asked for a modification of the decree in force to allow the transfer also outside the region of residence, within the limits of the province or the neighboring municipality, by residents in provinces or municipalities located on the border between two regions. In fact, many ordinances signed these days have already given the green light to allow people to see family and friends who live a few kilometers away, but the stop came from the minister. And now they are all waiting to find out what will happen today, when the monitoring will be made known and the trend of the contagion will be seen in this phase of reopening.

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