Coronavirus: Fitoussi, ‘eurobonds the only way to do things in solidarity’


Rome, 27 May (Adnkronos) – “Eurobonds are the only way of doing things in solidarity”. This was stated by the French economist Jean-Paul Fitoussi, professor at the institute of political studies in Paris and at the Luiss University of Rome during a hearing at the EU Policies Commission in the Chamber of Deputies. Fitoussi says he is against plans related to “conditionality” to deal with the coronavirus emergency: “I don’t like conditionality. We had the example of Greece and if we see what happened it was a disaster. Life expectancy decreased , child mortality has increased. Have we helped Greece? Who can believe it, “adds the economist.

As for a possible enlargement of the EU, Fitoussi says he is favorable but after the change of some rules. “I don’t think we can flood without changing first. I have always preferred deepening before and after enlargement. I am not against enlargement but if there will always be the need for unanimity then this means that Cyprus counts as Italy and that Malta counts as France and Germany and this is not good. It becomes ridiculous. It takes a Federation to be able to enlarge “, explains the French economist.

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