Coronavirus, fewer cars around but during the lockdown attacks on law enforcement agencies increased


Other than better: with the pandemic, in the first quarter of 2020, especially in March and April, mobility has decreased a lot, accidents and victims have decreased significantly, but the attacks on road agents have increased to record levels: these are the numbers of the latest “Sbirri pikkiati Observatory” with which Asaps, the great Italian road safety agency, monitors citizens’ behavior towards the police.According to the numbers, in fact, in the first quarter of 2020 there were 913 physical attacks on agents during roadside checks, 30% more than in the first quarter of 2019 when they were 699. All as we said with the mobility in sharp decline and accidents and mortality down 70% in March and April. The increase is 214 attacks, plus 30.6%. A trend that has already been recorded, even since the beginning of 2020.
In 46.2% the attacks were carried out against the Carabinieri 422 attacks, in 44.6% the State Police 407 attacks, in 7.7% the Local Police 70 attacks, in 3.6% other bodies 33 attacks. The percentage is slightly higher than 100 because in some cases in the attack injured officers from different police forces were injured.

In 245 cases, the attacker was drunk or drugged, accounting for 36.5% of the episodes. In 353 cases the attacks were carried by foreigners 38.7%. A lower percentage compared to the first quarter of 2019 when it reached a peak of 52.35 and to all of 2019 when it was 48.3%.
In 129 cases, 14.1%, a proper or improper weapon was used (sticks, objects or the same car used to overwhelm the agent).“In short – comments Giordano Biserni, president of Asaps – it is clear that roadside checks for compliance with anti-covid-19 rules have often triggered worrying reactions, even violent, against police forces during roadside checks. And that aggression against currencies has not improved during lockdown, indeed it has significantly increased “.

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