Coronavirus, Enrico Rossi to Sky TG24: ‘Caution is needed in reopening between regions’


The governor of Tuscany, guest of Agenda, invites to “make a reasoning of common sense” on the theme of tourism and on the possibility of citizens to move on the territory. “There is a widespread feeling of concern,” he admitted

“It would be appropriate to make a reasoning of common sense, I would be more cautious” in the reopening between regions. So the President of Tuscany Enrico Rossi, speaking on Agenda on Sky TG24, spoke of the recovery of tourism once the most critical phase of the Coronavirus emergency was overcome and of the possibility for Italians to move throughout the national territory. Then the governor also touched on the issue of work and subsidies (LIVE UPDATES – THE SPECIAL).

“There is a widespread feeling of concern”


Coronavirus, the situation in Italy: graphs and maps

Rossi stressed that in Italy there is “a widespread feeling of concern even among citizens”. “Everyone remembers that when there was talk of closing Lombardy – the president of Tuscany recalled – the night before, many Lombards returned to their original homes or second homes and, for example, on the Tuscan coast there were phenomena of enlargement of their own infection because of these presences. Given this impact so heavy that Lombardy still maintains, even if in reduction, even if the numbers are now under control, perhaps it would be the case to make a reasoning of articulation, of common sense. I think to wait a week and arriving in Lombardy at a very reduced number of infections would give security to all of Italy and perhaps it could be reopened with greater tranquility “.

“It is not possible to speak of an immunity certificate”


Coronavirus, the travels of Italians to Europe. PHOTO

For Rossi “it is not possible to speak of a certificate of immunity, which does not exist, nor of special protocols or health passports between the region and the region. They seem nonsense to me”. The governor then highlighted how “a great job was done in the period of closure” and warned about the current risk “of sending a contrary message, based on the emotions, that everything is over. It is not so. The phenomena are absolutely not settle down: where there are hundreds of cases I am amazed by this strong drive to resume everything as before, I would be more cautious. I am not for the war between the Regions, to be a sheriff, but my invitation to the Government is to consider these aspects too ” .

“Until when to continue with the subsidies?”


Phase 2, displacements between regions: hypothesis of a week shift

Still remaining on the theme of tourism and of those who are still stuck with work, Rossi added that “we have had budget cuts, we will have less revenue, but to what extent can we think of continuing with subsidies, aid and transfers? In the end there will be the problem of asking ourselves the question of work. “” We discover now, perhaps even with delay, that tourism, in addition to making a contribution to the GDP, has the characteristic of employing many people, young, particularly precarious, seasonal – said the president of Tuscany – some of these people really risk being in great difficulty. How to reuse them? How to give a job opportunity? What plan to put in place for growth? All this should see, in addition to transfers, also a real plan that we should discuss ”. According to the governor, the work “can also restart the recovery” and suggests taking “the resources of the Mes immediately” and seeing “how they can be committed. Let’s do it now, it is not the time of contradictions and political divisions of manner ”.

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