Coronavirus Emilia-Romagna, in 24 hours 16 infected: 1 positive every 232 swabs


BOLOGNA – There are 16 coronaviruses infected in the last 24 hours with 3714 swabs carried out: positive result for 1 every 232. In total, the positive cases ascertained in the region rise to 27,627, over 301,000 swabs carried out. There are 157 new healings (19,546 in total), while active cases continue to decline, that is, the number of actual patients who have now fallen to 3,998 (-148).People in isolation at home, that is, those with mild symptoms, who do not require hospital treatment, or are symptom-free, total 3,461, -112 compared to yesterday. Intensive care patients are 78 (-2). Also those hospitalized in the other Covid wards decreased to 459 (-34).
There are 7 new deaths: 5 men and 2 women. Overall, in Emilia-Romagna they reached 4,083. The new deaths concern 1 resident in the province of Piacenza, 2 in that of Reggio Emilia, 2 in the province of Bologna (none in the Imola area), 1 in that of Ferrara, 1in that of Ravenna. No deaths among residents in the provinces of Parma, Modena, Forlì-Cesena, Rimini and from outside the region. These are the cases of positivity in the area, which instead refer not to the province of residence, but to that in which the diagnosis was made: 4,469 in Piacenza (4 more than yesterday), 3,483 in Parma (+5), 4,934 in Reggio Emilia (+1), 3,900 in Modena (+1), 4,575 in Bologna (+2); 393 positivity recorded in Imola (no more cases), 986 in Ferrara (none more). In Romagna the positive cases reached 4,887 (+3 more), of which 1,023 in Ravenna (no more cases), 942 in Forlì (no more cases), 777 in Cesena (no more cases), 2,145 in Rimini (+3).

Donini: “10 thousand tampons per day possible in mid-June”

“From Monday 1 June in Emilia-Romagna we will have five new machines: once they are all put on the line, that is to say from the middle of the month, they will guarantee us a potential of 10,500 tampons per day in case of need. Beware of the terms, however: potential means that we do not do it to anyone, regardless of precise medical protocols, but with reference to the criteria of the Istituto Superiore di Sanità “. The regional councilor Raffaele Donini clarified this.

“Talking about criteria – Donini underlines – means, for example, that tampons are made to symptomatic and paucisymptomatic patients, to their families, to people who have come into contact with positives, to patients of the residences homes for the elderly, the Cra, to patients in discharged from the hospital and in places where we suspected that there may also be small outbreaks. And, of course, to those who test positive for antibody tests: currently, this is the most consistent ‘category’ of positives in Emilia-Romagna. remember – adds the commissioner – that, in addition to the swabs, we are also carrying out about 5000 serological tests per day. Based on this strategy we are emptying hospital wards and intensive care units, taking early care of the positive cases, most of which are not has symptoms. ”

Venturi: “No outbreak of the epidemic”

“There is no trace at the moment not only of a resurgence of the epidemic but the numbers continue relentlessly to decline and to witness a phase two in which all together we were able to send this virus into retreat”: is the consideration of Sergio Venturi, ex commissioner ad acta, who left office 18 days ago. In his last direct he had invited again to hold firm two points: responsibility and respect; values ​​that have been respected by the vast majority of citizens, as shown by the data. “We need to regain trust, we need to start greeting those who come to meet us even with just one elbow and stop considering him someone who threatens our health. I too am cautious when I go out but the world we want is made of trust: in the things we do, in being together and in being social animals. This was our past but luckily it will return to be our future “.

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