Coronavirus, Dutch Prime Minister Rutte does not visit his dying mother due to restrictions


THE HAGUE – He hasn’t visited her for eight weeks, only to spend the last night with her before he dies. The Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte respected every rule established by the restrictions for coronavirus until the night when the mother, Mieke Rutte-Dilling, died at 96 on 13 May. Covid 19 would not be the cause of his disappearance, although, according to the Dutch media, there had previously been an outbreak of the virus in the nursing home where he lived.Rutte “has respected all restrictions,” said a government spokesman. “However, the restrictive measures leave room for the possibility of greeting a member of the dying family. The prime minister was with his mother on his last night.”
A news that screeches when in the UK Dominic Cummings, adviser to the British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, he is accused of going to the countryside on his parents’ property, together with his wife and son, despite being positive and the lockdown forbidding travel.It was the Dutch premier Rutte himself who announced the death of his mother almost two months after the lockdown decided in his country on March 20. “In addition to the great sadness and all the fond memories, my family and I are grateful to have had it with us for so long,” said Rutte. “We have now said goodbye to her in a small family circle and we hope to face this great loss in peace in the near future,” he added.

Since yesterday, Monday, the Dutch authorities have allowed individual visits to some nursing homes, a measure that will be extended to all, indifferently, from 15 June. The Netherlands has imposed a “blockade” with less stringent conditions than many other European countries, although there is still concern about the decision to reopen tourism in cities like Amsterdam. To date, the Netherlands has recorded 5,875 deaths and 45,780 cases.

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