Coronavirus, doctors’ alarm: “Outdoor masks are harmful”



Coronavirus, doctors’ alarm: “Outdoor masks are harmful”

The Coronavirus emergency in Italy has been going on for three months now, but it has not yet been understood whether the masks are useful or not for going around. What is certain is that protective devices are indispensable for health workers, in close contact with the sick, but for ordinary people the opinions are conflicting. A highly documented study, produced by doctors, shows how the use of an inappropriate mask can increase health risks. The studies ( show – it reads on the Truth – that a prolonged use of the mask can provoke different pathologies: headache, increased respiratory insufficiency and hypercapnia, i.e. the increase of carbon dioxide in the blood, because it is inspired again.

All these pathologies decrease the immune system and can also favor the formation of a cancer. The damages vary according to the type of masks, those closed with breathing devices are the most dangerous if used outdoors, but even the surgical ones – according to these studies – were fine for the initial stage of contagion in late February in Italy, but now they are harmful. The virus now – again according to this scientific document – is now under control and our immune system needs to run into other people’s viruses and bacteria otherwise it goes into hypofunction and then into hypotrophy. Different discourse for closed places and public transport, there has its effectiveness, but not if used for hours.

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