Coronavirus: delays in the USA “costing 36,000 to 54,000 more deaths”


If the States United had imposed the social distancing measures a week earlier in March there would have been 36 thousand fewer deaths. If instead the lockdown and contact limitation measures had been imposed on March 1, a couple of weeks before these measures were taken in most of the country, most of the deaths recorded in America, around 83 percent, that is to say about 54 thousand people, they would have been avoided. This is what a new study by Columbia University researchers suggests, reported by the New York Times.
Even small differences in the timing of the measures taken to contain the coronavirus epidemic, the study says, would have prevented the exponential growth of the infections, which by now had overwhelmed cities like New York and New Orleans.
The results of the study also show that while states are reopening their economies, the epidemic can get out of hand again, unless authorities implement careful monitoring of infections, immediately isolating new outbreaks.

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