Coronavirus, cured on the rise in Tuscany. They are 10 percent higher than the Italian average


Florence, 23 May 2020 – Le healings from Coronavirus registered in Tuscany are on the rise and are 10% higher than the Italian average. The experts of the Regional Health Agency (Ars) support it, in the weekly report on the progress of the infection. “With the data updated to 22 May – states the Ars report – of the 10,035 people who have fallen ill with Covid-19 in Tuscany since the beginning of the epidemic, 72.1% have recovered, 10.1 % are unfortunately deceased, 15.8% are in home isolation (with a clinical condition that can therefore be followed and treated at home or totally asymptomatic), and 2% are hospitalized “.

Compared to deaths, in Tuscany “as of May 21, there are more than 1,000 people whose cause of death is directly attributable to Covid-19”. The average daily numbers, it is specified, has decreased over the weeks: 4 deaths on average in the last week, compared with 25 at the end of March. The data collected on the platform of the Higher Institute of Health, Ars still points out, highlight “how a man has more than twice the risk of dying, once ill, compared to a woman”. From the age of 65, compared to the age group 60-64, the risk of dying increases at least twice. Furthermore, with the same age and gender, “the probability of dying for a Covid-19 patient with previous chronic pathologies is about three times that of a Covid-19 patient without any pathology”.

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