Coronavirus, Copasir’s alarm: “Fake viral news campaign against Italy”


The coronavirus pandemic “has been at the center of a widespread online disinformation activity, in which state actors, structured actors who intend to manipulate the internal political debate, influence international geopolitical balances, encourage the subversion of social order and destabilize public opinion regarding the spread of contagion and prevention and treatment measures “.So Raffaele Volpi (League), the president of Copasir, the parliamentary committee that oversees the work of the Italian secret services, after the in-depth analysis carried out by the dem component Enrico Borghi. Italy, adds Volpi, has been “a target” of this campaign.

Here are the main fakes filmed

The main fake news are related to the modality of birth and diffusion of CoVid, to the modalities of treatment and response of democratic countries, to the aids received from abroad.

An example is the news that the Italians sang the Chinese anthem from the balconies to thank for the help, widely distributed by the Chinese regime media.Another example is a video filmed widely on Whatsapp which claimed that Covid cure already exists but that a government plot would have censored.

Copasir: “Concern about techniques used to make fakes viral”

The Committee expresses “concern about the use of techniques to make news viral”. “Fake profiles, relaunch of Facebook posts, foreign sites that spread in a coordinated way on numerous platforms and misleading news accounts – notes Volpi – are just some of the forms of disinformation phenomena attributable to the world of the web, aimed at creating information overload about the identification of vaccines, therapeutic remedies and effective diagnostic tools against Covid-19 infection “.

Social Network

Twitter, the 5 “ super speaker ” Italian profiles of fake news on the coronavirus

“Covid stage for autocratic regimes”

“The ‘infodemic’ activity detected – continues the president of Copasir – is part of a geopolitical context in which the coronavirus represents the perfect stage that some autocratic regimes waited to show a supposed – and unproven – greater efficiency and capacity, compared to Western democracies. Although with different postures on the idea of ​​global order, the main actors of the disinformation campaign have included this activity in a framework of parallelism, positioning Italy as a target “.

“Moreover, the characteristics of the activity carried out – claims the League representative – have also been subject to verification by the European External Action Service (EU diplomatic agency), which recorded the spread of fake news in English, Spanish, German and French in order to feed panic and create a climate of distrust by hindering the official European communication of response to the epidemiological crisis “.

Social Network

Fake news, video “tarot” on the Italians who applaud the Chinese anthem

“Attempts to stir up controversy against the EU”

“In this context – underlines Volpi – international relations, far from being limited to institutional headquarters and official declarations, can also be affected by the action of a plurality of structured actors, who tend to support or discredit the state reputation not only through disinformation , but often with the spread of misleading, decontextualized or partial messages that reach the global public. Taking advantage of the extreme sensitivity of public opinion on the issue – he concludes – there is a tendency to stir up controversy against the European Union and the countries of the Euro Alliance- Atlantic “.

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