Coronavirus, Conte: “We must restart the engine of the country but it is not yet time to party and nightlife”


“With the same determination” used in phase 1 “I believe it is possible, indeed a duty, to make a courageous choice towards a rapid return to normal. We are in a position to face phase 2 with confidence and responsibility,” he told deputies.

Conte groom the banks: they must do more In the report, Conte urged “the banking system that can and must do more”. “In particular, to facilitate loans backed by public guarantee”, the rule “in fact allows loans to be disbursed within 24 hours”. On this point, rival supporters in the Chamber were unleashed, the head of government was first interrupted by opposition protests. Taking the word back, he instead snatched the applause of the majority when he said that “in many cases the timing has been respected, in many cases this is not happening”, the banks must therefore “align” with the provisions of the law and “not it is tolerable “to put the assets in difficulty for the missed loans.

Calculation curve increase risk “The risk of increasing the epidemiological curve is calculated,” he explained, stressing that “we are aware that what we face is the most difficult and no less insidious challenge than that faced since the beginning of the emergency when we were forced to to introduce increasingly stringent containment measures extended to the whole national territory. To protect the primary good, health, life and physical integrity, we have been forced to limit travel and impose a distance and block all activities “.

Serological tests on a voluntary basis The premier clarified that “serological tests will be performed on a voluntary basis” from 25 May “and will be” on a sample of 150 thousand inhabitants “. “Especially in this phase the use of molecular tests is important, the commissioner has launched a request for the offer of kits for an additional 5 million tests and 59 companies have submitted proposals”, continued Conte. “In Italy, 3 million 171,719 swabs were made, placing our country in first place for the number of swabs per inhabitant”, he highlighted during the information to the Chamber on the reopening after the coronavirus emergency.

The Immuni app is ready Contact tracing is “the second pillar” for epidemiological control in phase 2, he said, and “the government has introduced a discipline to implement the Immuni app in full respect of privacy and national security. Experimentation will start in the next few days on this new application, the data will only be used for virus traceability “.

In the face of economic shock dl Relaunch is a basis for the restart “We are aware that the reopening is not enough to reactivate the engine of the economy and in the face of the shock, constant, effective action by the State is needed. With the relaunch decree, we have laid the foundations for a restart”, he observed. The head of government added that “we will offer the measure for the evaluation and improvement of Parliament”. Conte also spoke of the “simplified procedure” for the layoffs, thanked Minister Catalfo for the introduction of emergency income and cited the rule “introduced by Minister Bellanova” on the regularization of seasonal workers. “We have laid the foundations for recovery,” he said.

Holidays in Italy, if everyone does his part we will get up The Prime Minister invited Italian citizens to take their holidays in Italy and then addressed a thought to small entrepreneurs: “I am not aware of the seriousness of this crisis, also evidenced by strong gestures such as the handing over of keys by small entrepreneurs It is a very tough test from which we will get up quickly if everyone does their part. ”

We are working on a decree for a drastic simplification of bureaucracy “The task of all politics – he reiterated – is to develop a broad program of economic and social rebirth. The first step can only be a drastic bureaucratic simplification. In this regard, we are working on a legislative decree that will introduce many new elements for to offer Italy a shock, particularly on the theme of infrastructure “. In the provision there will be “a simplified procedure on a list of strategic works with derogatory powers but without this weakening the more rigorous controls that ensure full transparency and avoid mafia infiltrations”.

School, the restart in September will have huge costs Finally the school. The premier stressed that “the management of the return in September will entail huge organization costs and the past few weeks have shown us the importance of increasing the digitalization of our institutes and our teaching. For this purpose – he concluded – we allocate 1 billion and 450 million euros in two years for the benefit of the school “.

Ricciardi (M5s) attacks Lombardy, it is a tussle: League’s deputy breaks the microphone During the debate in the Chamber, after the Prime Minister’s disclosure, the intervention of the grill Riccardo Ricciardi unleashed the tussle. Ricciardi attacked the Lombardy Region and the emergency health management, sparking opposition protests. Anger and punches on the benches especially by the League members. One of them, say members of the Cinquestelle, broke a microphone in the classroom. President Fico was forced to suspend the sitting.

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