Coronavirus, Colao: “The result of our work in government for days. Twenty goals and a hundred proposals to restart the country”


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“By early June, we will hand over to the government on our work for the plan of relaunch of Italy from here to 2022. About twenty goals with a hundreds of concrete proposals, because making plans is relatively easy, but ‘unloading actions to the ground, acting in practice, is what really matters “. He underlines it in an interview with Republic Vittorio Colao, at the helm of the scientific technical committee for the re-start wanted by Giuseppe Conte.

“Now it’s about doing share the country, transforming the economic and social recovery on an occasion to design the future and keeping in mind one fundamental thing: the inevitable and very high costs that we will have to face for this crisis can, indeed must, be transformed into investments. In the short term – explains the manager – you need to invest in order to restart and maintain social cohesion; in the longer term investments must serve to to draw a more efficient Italy and better for the new generations, for those who will be twenty-five or thirty years old in the middle of this decade and who today are facing a particularly difficult situation “. “To them – he continues – we must pass a country resting on solid pillars”.

In detail, the task force will give the Count a series of proposals. “We will give to the government a kind of menu, from which they will then choose. But it will be a detailed menu, also with cards of the interventions to be done at 3.6, 12 months. For example, you cannot think of bringing the public administration in a short time, but simplification and speeding up of authorization systems can be carried out quickly ”. The public administration, continues Colao, “must become a ally of citizens and businesses and precisely with digitization many can be eliminated elements of defensive bureaucracy or oppressive that sometimes are rightly complained “. What is there defensive bureaucracy? “Many interventions that we recommend – explains Colao – require simplifications of standards, not policy changes, but simplifications. In Italy there is a stratification of rules and almost geological complications. Instead the removal of unnecessary precautions is essential and the two go together. It is clear then that problems like the corporate liquidity they can also arise from a not excellent state of health of companies before the crisis “.

“This – he admits – opens the very theme of companies that must be capitalized” and on this point “we recommend a series of incentives to encourage capitalization and supply chain support. The government must not decide how, but must allow this reinforcement to come from the entrepreneurs themselves, from mergers or from private capital directed towards businesses “. So no to the entrepreneurial state, but yes to a state that helps the entrepreneur. “There are strong investments – he continues – also private ones, to be unlocked in the coming months – months, not years – with big ones economic opportunities and employment in the short term and with a medium-long term effect also on the transformation and competitiveness of the country. I am thinking of large digital networks and energy transformation, but also of defending the environment. But changes are needed upstream. It is paradoxical that Italy complains about the “digital divide“Or of the scarcity of broadband network and then there may be Municipalities that oppose the creation of a specific plant”.

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