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Rome, 28 May 2020 – The epicenter of the pandemic has now moved steadily across the ocean Coronavirus in the world. And while in the United States there are more than 100 thousand victims, the situation becomes more and more critical in Latin America where in the last 24 hours there has been a boom in infections (833.493, +35.000) and deaths (44.765, +1.400). Good news challenges fear: in Chile a 111-year-old woman survived the virus. In the meantime, China is taking the first step to unlock international connections: Italy (but not the United States) is also among the 8 countries from which charter flights can arrive.


Breakthrough 100,000 victims in USA. The deaths linked to Covid-19 since the beginning of the pandemic reach 100,442, while the confirmed cases are 1,699,933. These are the updated data of Johns Hopkins University. The death toll exceeds that of the military who died in all the conflicts fought by the USA Korean waraccording to New York Times calculations.


There China is about to launch a ‘green channel’, a preferential lane for charter flights from 8 countries, including Italy. The Global Times, according to documents from the Civil aviation administration of China (Caac), an agency that regulates civil aviation, explains that the list includes Japan, South Korea, Singapore, France, Germany, the United Kingdom and Switzerland. The absence of the United States stands out. With this move, the Dragon is a first step towards the unblocking of international connections, after the tightening decided in March to contain the return infections.


Another 1,086 deaths in the last 24 hours in Brazil, 25 thousand victims exceeded (25,598) since the beginning of the emergency. Compared to yesterday, moreover, there are 20,599 new infections that bring the total number to 411,821. Brazil is the second country in the world, behind the United States, for confirmed Covid-19 cases.


In virus-battered South America, a story full of hope comes from Chile. A 111-year-old woman defeated Covid-19 after being subjected to a double quarantine. The story, reports the newspaper Publimetro, concerns Ms. Juana ZĂșniga, hospitalized since 2014 in the Hospice ‘Italian Hogar’ in Santiago. On April 10, an outbreak of Coronavirus occurred in the facility: 7 employees and 18 guests were affected. Juana was put in solitary confinement in a room with medical assistance and remained under control without having any contact with relatives or acquaintances for two quarantines equivalent to 28 days. On 10 May she was declared cured, but the news only filtered yesterday. “Sometimes I’m fine and sometimes I’m sick because of the years I have. Before, time was running fast because I was working,” said Juana, who will turn 112 in two months, to reporters.

News from the world

There South Korea records 79 new cases of coronavirus infection in the past 24 hours, at its highest levels in a single day since last April 5. Seoul is considering new restrictions as an outbreak emerges in a logistics center in Bucheon, just outside the capital. From here come 69 of the 79 new cases registered today. The mayor of the city said he had identified over 3,600 people with links to the logistics center, of which only a small part underwent a coronavirus test.

From Japan comes news of the dramatic drop in Toyota sales, heavily conditioned by demand in the auto sector. In April, registrations globally fell 46.3% to 423,300 units, while output collapsed to 50.8% to just over 379,000 vehicles. To further penalize the Japanese house there was certainly the blockade of production.

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