Coronavirus, Cgia Mestre: risk of closure of 100 thousand craftsmen in 2020


“In these two and a half months of lockdown, many artisans without any income support have been in difficulty and there have been few who have speculated about throwing in the towel and definitively closing the shutter”, says the coordinator of the studies office Paolo Zabeo. “After a week of total reopening, however, the mood of many small entrepreneurs has changed. There is a desire to fight, to resist, to revive the economic fortunes of one’s business. Unfortunately, not everyone will make it to survive and it cannot be excluded that by the end of the year the overall stock of artisan businesses present in the country will decrease by almost 100 thousand units, with a loss of at least 300 thousand jobs “, he adds.

The extent of the contraction will depend on the support measures that will be introduced by the Government in the next 2-3 months – notes the CGIA – taking into account that in the last 11 years the stock of artisan businesses has collapsed by almost 200 thousand units, at March 31 2020 artisan companies active in Italy amounted to 1,275,970. To prevent further deaths from many artisan shops by the end of 2020, the CGIA notes the need to make important non-repayable contributions to these activities and to eliminate tax revenue for the current year: such as IRPEF , the Ires and the Imu on the sheds.

“Craftsmanship – says the secretary of the Artisans of Mestre Renato Mason – needs support because it is the element of social cohesion of our production system. If micro enterprises disappear, we risk significantly lowering the quality of our made in Italy. It is true that with the Relaunch decree various measures have been introduced including the cancellation of the balance and the Irap advance due in June, the reproposition of the 600 euros for the month of April and the deduction of 60% of the rents, but all this is still insufficient to make up for the disastrous fall in turnover recorded in recent months by many small businesses “. Too many measures that risk dispersing the resources made available in many streams – he concludes – which, on the other hand, should be channeled only on three items: families, direct compensation to businesses and tax cuts “.

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