Coronavirus, certified mail is not valid at the public prosecutor’s office in Rome


Do a exposed or a complaint a Prosecutor of Rome with a Pec is not possible, not even in coronavirus time. “Striscia la Notizia” tells the story of a lawyer, Rodolfo Murra, who wanted to report to the magistrates of the capital, who investigate the Covid outbreaks exploded in the RSA, the case of an aunt, who joined one nursing home with negative buffer and got sick shortly after.

There certified mail with which she presented the complaint was refused, unlike what happened for the Prosecutor of Velletri, to which he had sent a similar Pec. “The official channel remains the sending in paper form”, is the answer arrived at the lawyer. “I guess they want that you go physically at the offices to file the application “, explains the professional to the microphones of Jimmy Ghione.

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