Coronavirus, carried out for Italy. Conte: “the blockade no longer makes sense”. Regions reopen from 3 June, farewell self-certification


May 30, 2020 10:30 am

Coronavirus, the number of infections continues to fall and the Prime Minister decides for the turning point: promise kept, from June 3 all Regions reopen

Italy welcomes the phase of prudence, the Premier Giuseppe Conte announces the total reopening. “The monitoring data are good, they go from 18 to 26 May and the trend of infections from Covid-19 continues to fall”, explained the Minister of Health Roberto Speranza. It was the confirmation he was waiting for. The Regions will therefore reopen on 3 June. All, including the Lombardy because “Twenty thousand infected people cannot keep ten million Lombards prisoners”. From next week, Italians will be able to move from one area of ​​the country to another without restrictions and without having to carry their pocketself-certification. The decision comes after a meeting of about 2 hours between President Conte, the heads of delegation of government forces and the Minister of Regional Affairs Francesco Boccia. To convince Palazzo Chigi are the monitoring data of theIss on the first week of “release”, which highlighted the absence of particular critical issues, although homogeneity has not been achieved throughout the territory.

In the coming hours, the governors will be summoned to a meeting by the government. “The data are basically in line with the indicators, we are waiting for a comparison with the executive in the next few hours”, explains the president of the Liguria, Giovanni Toti. For Luca Zaia is “basic” remove the blocks without any distinction, though “I understand the concerns of some colleagues, who feel a little like the mother of their citizens and want to protect them. But we need to move and I hope that it can all be opened together, even at European level “. This was the fear of the President of the Sicilian region, In the Musumeci, who initially proposed the idea of “Health passport”, but given the progress of the situation he took a step back. Proposals that the President Jole Santelli has never had, indeed the Calabria it was immediately defined Covid-free and open to tourism, with the allocation of funds for the Municipalities owning the “Blue Flag” and for cleaning the beaches. At the Tuscany instead, I don’t mind the idea of ​​postponing the reopening for a few days “Pending greater uniformity of data”. Same concept expressed by the political leader of the M5S, Vito Crimi, who don’t like “hiccup openings”, nor discrimination: “Those who come from Lombardy must not be seen as a ‘giver’ or virus carrier, citizens have suffered”. In short, pending new indications from Rome, Italy says goodbye to the lockdown and can finally look to the future with greater confidence. The recovery phase begins!

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