Coronavirus Campania: zero new cases in the provinces of Salerno, Caserta, Avellino and Benevento


Coronavirus, 81 people have been cured in the last 24 hours in Campania, two dead. In the region there are 4714 cases of Covid-19 recorded at 11:59 pm yesterday. Since the beginning of the emergency, 401 people have died, 2871 the healed (of which 2660 totally healed and 211 clinically healed).This was announced by the crisis unit of the Campania Region. The total number of swabs performed at the beginning of the emergency exceeds 150 thousand. In the province of Naples there are 2581 positives, 979 in the capital and 1602 in the metropolitan area. No new contagion in all the other provinces: in Salerno the cases of Covid-19 remain 675, in Avellino, 526, in Caserta 448, in Benevento 200. For 284 swabs examined, further checks by the Local Health Authorities are in progress.

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