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10 days after the reopening of the activities in Campania, after the lockdown on a sample of 1000 companies, only hairdressers and barbers were satisfied, stormed after the forced closure. These are the results of a study by Confesercenti. Compared to 2019, in fact, they collected up to 100% more, with a working time that reaches even 14 hours. On the other hand, the collapse in the clothing sector with a decrease in turnover of around 90%. Worse still are the large restaurants, with a drop of 97-98%. The sector of small restaurants, trattorias and pizzerias is a bit better. (ALL UPDATES)

18:47 – Serological screening concluded in Ariano Irpino

Of the 13,444 subjects tested, 650 tested positive for antibodies, equal to 4.83% of the population studied. Of these 650 subjects, 60 citizens (9.2% of those tested) tested positive for the nasopharyngeal swab virus, equal to 0.44% of the total population screened. These are the first data of the seroprevalence study conducted in Ariano Irpino, the town in Campania most affected by the infection based on the relationship between cases and number of inhabitants. Swab positivity was mostly low in viral load. Citizens who tested positive for the buffer as a precaution will be placed under observation in isolation, while as per protocol any contacts will be identified and monitored.
Based on an innovative molecular epidemiological approach (through the assay of IgA, IgM, IgG class antibodies), the study is unique in its kind at national level for two reasons, as the Region points out. First of all, the size of the sample subjected to screening (13,444 tests carried out on voluntary subjects on a population of 17,823 residents); then for the molecular epidemiological data on the spread of the virus in a population of a common “red zone”.
“All this – comments the president Vincenzo De Luca – reveals the extraordinary investment made on Ariano, because only this mass screening allows to extinguish the Ariano outbreak forever and to guarantee the protection of health and serenity of life for the whole population It should be added that for the importance of this test, for the use of more sophisticated technologies and for its mass size, it is an experience of great scientific value that will be made available to the whole country. of all a serum bank to treat in case of need in the near future patients who find themselves in serious conditions, also from other territories. I thank for the great sense of responsibility shown all the citizens of Ariano who have shown really great civic spirit , all the more to appreciate as it occurred that in other parts of Italy there was no availability shown instead to an exceptional extent ational by our fellow citizens of Ariano “.

18:22 – Sit in protest in front of INPS in Naples

Presidio today in front of the INPS office in via de Gasperi in Naples organized by the Social Network activists in the Covid 19 emergency who contest the exclusion criteria from the Emergency Income. “Income is to be considered in all respects a one-off subsidy of poverty – the organizers of the dispute explained in a flyer – which in its obvious inadequacy, however, risks not even reaching half of the potential beneficiaries. In fact, article 82 of DL “Relaunch” provides for the non-cumulability of subsidies regardless of their size and therefore the exclusion of all households that receive, for example, a citizenship income allowance of even a few tens of euros “.
“Campania – they specified – which is the region with the highest poverty rate in Italy, with the highest number of income earners and with an endemic extension of illegal work, informal, poor and unsecured work, is likely to be the most penalized by a measure conceived in such a discriminatory way “. In support of the motivation for the protest, the stories of three precarious workers, told by the protagonists themselves at the megaphone, present at the event and excluded from the emergency income. The presidium, convened by the networks of social mutualism and the basic unions, with the participation of several groups of interested families, ended with a meeting with the INPS management in Naples who was asked to transmit these requests in dialogue with the government.

16:58 – Confesercenti: “Clothing and catering collapse”

10 days after the reopening of the activities in Campania, after the lockdown on a sample of 1000 companies, only hairdressers and barbers were satisfied, stormed after the forced closure. These are the results of a study by Confesercenti. Compared to 2019, in fact, they have collected up to 100% more, with a working time that reaches even 14 hours. Instead, the collapse in the clothing sector with a decrease in turnover of around 90%. Worse still are the large restaurants, with a drop of 97-98%. The sector of small restaurants, trattorias and pizzerias is a bit better.
Here – according to the Confesercenti study – from Monday to Friday there is a decrease in receipts of 60-70% which becomes 40-50% at the weekend in the tourist and historical areas of Naples, especially on the Lungomare. It is better to go to pizzerias, ice cream parlors and pubs) which have limited production to “delivery” and “take away” only. For B & Bs, holiday homes and pensions, the decrease is 100% in these first 10 days of reopening, those who have opened (since at least 40% have decided to wait) the demand is in fact almost non-existent. Same thing for travel agencies, guides, transport in tourism and accompanying persons).
For bars and the like, the average daily income (-70% compared to 2019) is up to 70% less, in a working time ranging from 9 to 23. Returning instead to positive data, compared to 2019 they are better the supermarket / delicatessen / butchers sector, which recorded an increase from 20% to 32%.
“The companies – says the president of Confesercenti Campania Vincenzo Schiavo – know that they are making a leap into the void, and that there is no market. In addition, the per capita income of the Campania Region is much poorer than what we left before emergency: compared to 12 months ago, it has been depleted by 25% “. Schiavo underlines the absolute crisis in the tourism supply chain, hotels, large restaurants and weddings: with the risk of definitive closings if there will be no further support in the coming months.

14:21 – Naples, De Magistris: “Tomorrow an ordinance to open everything”

” I will open places that until now have always been closed and where I will allow people to have a different attraction and they will not all concentrate in the nightlife places ”. This was said by the mayor of Naples, Luigi de Magistris, on La7 on the topic of reopenings and the nightlife chaos that occurred in the city last weekend. The mayor has announced that the measures will be contained in an order he will issue tomorrow. ” According to some regional presidents and some of my fellow mayors, limiting hours and closing clubs, streets, squares is the best way to act instead – he said – I believe that the opposite should be done and therefore open the greatest number of spaces from the suburbs to the center, to expand schedules and make a pact of responsibility between institutions, economic operators and citizens with whom to resume business without endangering health ”.

14:20 – De Magistris: “No borders, but caution for displacements”

“I am not the mayor who sets the boundaries and it is not racism, I just believe that we must be careful and protect a national balance. You have to do the buffs to those who move: it is the minimum that you have to ask because with the “free everyone” we could find ourselves with the risk of a new increase in the infection and if we go back the restart will never be again ”. So the mayor of Naples, Luigi De Magistris, in several interviews with radio and television broadcasters addressing the issue of the reopening of mobility between the regions that could start from June 3. De Magistris explained that his position ” is not one of discrimination against Lombardy and Piedmont, but given the contagions, which are still strong in those areas, I think it is in everyone’s interest to have a little attention and do the swabs to everyone who moves would be a guarantee for the citizen, his family and the community. I would have expected – he continued – that after four months from the beginning of the epidemic, the regional health systems upstream and downstream would guarantee the swabs for everyone but if this is not the case then someone should explain to me why given the river of money that we are giving to Civil Protection and the Commissioner ”. A theme that of displacements between regions that the mayor of Naples believes should be dissolved by the government with the Ministry of Health and the task force. ” If they tell us that there are conditions to be able to travel we have no problems but they must speak clearly because in this phase in which we are reopening everything we would not want to find ourselves undergoing a wave of return. Nobody – he stressed – must be re-frozen, it is not De Magistris against Sala, we only ask for a little attention and caution because while in the Center-South the contagion has been almost zero for about 25-30 days, in Lombardy still yesterday records an increase. ”

13:59 – De Magistris: “Accelerate on digitalization”

“An absolutely central issue until before the pandemic broke out but it is even more so now: in recent weeks we have implemented the technological, innovation and digitization channels”. This was underlined by the mayor of Naples, Luigi De Magistris, speaking at the CGIL initiative on the topic of smart cities. And once “the health emergency is over, we need to get some ideas on how we can accelerate digitalization”, he added, underlining for example the help from the “computerization of databases” and that today “the patrimony of the municipalities is all paper”.

13:13 – De Luca: “In Campania double the pensions to a minimum”

“It’s a historic day. Thanks to the socio-economic plan of the Campania Region, putting in place almost one billion euros to face the crisis, with a value of 29 May 2020, both the minimum pensioners’ bonus and the supplementary allowance are paid for seasonal tourism workers. In particular, 170,317 pensioners with social allowances, social pensions and old-age pensions integrated to a minimum will receive the supplement of 1,000 euros “. This was stated by the president of the Campania region, Vincenzo De Luca. “Those who receive the pension by crediting postal booklets, current accounts and rechargeable cards (overall, almost 92% of those concerned) will receive the integration of the Campania Region of the month of May with a value of 29 May. Those who, instead, withdraw the cash pension at the post office counter (just over 8% of those concerned) will be able to go to post offices starting from June 4. In the latter case – explains De Luca – pensioners who will have to go to collect the regional bonus from Post offices will receive a specific communication from Poste Italiane by 4 June. Also with value date May 29, 19,596 seasonal tourism workers will receive the first month (of the four planned) of the regional integration equal to 300 euros. Facts not words ” , concludes De Luca.

13:09 – Abusive tire dealer discovered in the Caserta area

A 38-year-old abusive tire dealer was discovered and reported by the police in San Marcellino (Caserta). The operator, with criminal records, operated with the shutters down and by appointment only. The workshop stood on the mezzanine floor of a three-story building and spanned two rooms for about 700 square meters. When the police broke in, there were also clients inside who were fined 86 euros. The tests carried out revealed the lack of sanitary and safety conditions.

11:19 – Found a positive boarding for Ischia, hospitalized

During the health checks at the port of Pozzuoli (Naples), yesterday at the departure of the ferry for Ischia at 18:30, two people were found to be over 37.5 degrees; then subjected to a rapid test one of them, a young man, tested positive for Coronavirus. Hospitalization has been arranged for him.

10:56 – Luigi de Magistris: “Postpone openings where high contagion”

“When Naples and the South were forgotten, attacked and discriminated against, from the phrases used in Parliament to those in the stadiums, Luigi De Magistris but not even many mayors of the South ever dreamed of saying ‘we will remember it'”. So the first citizen of Naples, Luigi de Magistris a Radio Crc but immediately adding that “the mayors of all the metropolitan areas South Central and North and therefore also the mayor of Milan Sala are now compact and work together to make themselves heard by the Government and to demand a return to normality and the just distribution of powers, because what the government and the whole country must be convinced of and that without the mayors there is no restart, the effects of the economic and social pandemic are not defeated, in short, the battle of phase two without us is lost at the start “.

10:37 – Asl Napoli 2 Nord: “Termoscanner for fever and masks”

“Smart” termoscanners in the hospitals of the Asl Napoli 2 Nord. The electronic devices, positioned at the entrances of the various structures, detect whether the person entering is equipped with a mask and measures the body temperature by displaying it on the screen. These are monitors positioned at a man’s height that reproduces the face of the person who enters. The results of the detections appear at the end on the screen. Employees and patients, before they can enter, will have to position themselves in front of these new tools.

7:36 – Produced outlaw sanitizer, seized factory in the Neapolitan area

The finance guard seized a factory of over a thousand square meters where sanitizers passed off as “disinfectants” were produced. The operation allowed to go back to the owner of the factory of San Giorgio a Cremano, a 41 year old from Torre del Greco, who was reported for commercial fraud, illegal possession of flammable material and for violations of the Consolidated Law on the Environment. The Yellow Flames have discovered 14 thousand liters of raw materials (hydrochloric acid, potassium soap, acusol, wilfaret, enzymes, armomib, sodium gluconate, propan-2-ol, edta), some of which are flammable, and industrial production equipment, mixing and bottling of detergents and sanitizers. Also found finished products ready to be put on sale (bleach, fabric softener, chlorine sanitizer, alcoholic sanitizer, degreaser, descaling detergent, floor cleaner), 600 kg of liquids and 200 plastic and tin cans constituting hazardous waste.

7:28 – Four new cases in Campania on over 3,344 swabs

There are four new cases of Coronavirus positivity in Campania, one of the lowest data since the start of the pandemic. The total of positives rises to 4,777. 3,344 tampons were performed yesterday for a total of 189,068. These are the data released by the Region’s Crisis Unit bulletin.

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